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Buy a controller, play it until it breaks, throw it out, buy another one. This is the routine that all gamers are familiar with. Whether it’s after a couple of years or months, your controller is bound to kick the bucket at some point, leaving you with no choice but to abandon the loyal device that carried you safely through so many adventures.

If you would rather breathe new life into your beloved controller than spend money on another one, you can now do so with Xbox. There are even full tutorials available to walk you through each step of the way.

Microsoft Is Now Selling Replacement Xbox Controller Parts

Unlike most companies that would rather gobble up your money and make you purchase a new controller every year or two, Xbox has turned a new leaf. Gamers from North America can now purchase official replacement parts from Xbox directly and follow the free tutorials provided to fix their controller themselves.

Replacement parts for all major components are available on Microsoft's official website, including replacement PCBAs, motor assemblies, shell cases, and buttons. New buttons and shell replacements are available in either black or white, so you can give your controller a whole new look while you’re at it.

A disassembled Xbox Series X|S controller

This is mainly helpful to gamers with older controllers that are out of warranty. If your controller is still under warranty, sending it back for a free repair or replacement would be cheaper and easier. But if you do feel like you want to have a go yourself, Xbox has announced that opening up your controller to fix it will not void the warranty as long as no damage is done during the process.

How to Get Started Fixing Your Own Xbox Controller

If your controller is playing up, and you want to fix it yourself, head to Microsoft's website (linked above) and purchase the replacement parts you need. For any technical difficulties, you will need to pick up the PCBA and motor assembly kit. Picking up replacement shells and buttons will most likely be optional unless the outer casing has sustained significant damage.

The only things you can’t purchase from Microsoft are the tools you need for the job. Performing surgery on your Xbox controller will require a T6 and T8 Security Torx Screwdriver. Thankfully, these are plentiful on websites like eBay or Amazon, so you won’t have to look too hard for one. A plastic prying tool and some tweezers are also recommended.

Unless you are already well-versed in the inner workings of a video game controller, you are probably going to want to check out one of Xbox’s free tutorials to walk you through the job. Even if you are experienced, it can’t hurt to freshen up your memory before cracking open your controller and fiddling around in there. Luckily for those who are keen to learn this handy new skill, Xbox Support has provided both written instructions for the repair and a YouTube tutorial for visual learners, which you can view above.

If Xbox's tutorials aren't doing the trick for you, you can also learn a variety of repair techniques like how to fix your drifting Xbox controller or how to open your Xbox Series X|S Controller from our very own experts.

Why You Should Fix Your Own Xbox Controller

Being able to fix your own controller is a brilliant idea for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it is beneficial to you as a consumer because it will save you money. In the past if your Xbox Wireless controller broke and was out of warranty, your only option was to ditch it and purchase a whole new one for around $59.99.

Now, you can purchase new parts for anywhere between $19.99 to $34.99, depending on what you need. These savings are even more apparent when you’re talking about the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless controller.

Not only does fixing your own controller save you money, but it also saves the planet from unnecessary waste. Xbox has done a lot in recent years to reduce its carbon footprint and help its customers do the same, from introducing a power-saving mode on the Xbox to crafting a whole Xbox controller out of trash.

Close up of Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Edition on a Leafy Background
Image Credit: Xbox

Inspiring gamers to recycle and reuse their old controllers instead of throwing them out to buy new ones is yet another eco-friendly step in the right direction for Xbox.

Reuse, Recycle, Replay

Fixing your own Xbox controller instead of buying a new one saves you money, reduces waste, and allows you to learn a new skill. Opening up any type of electronic device for the first time can be intimidating. But like anything else, it’s just a matter of time before you master yet another art and start fixing controllers left, right, and center.

And if you ever get stuck, there are tutorials available to walk you through each step of the process, so you can get your controller back in working order, no matter your skill level.