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Listening to music can make cleaning a more enjoyable task, help with your focus while studying, or put a smile on your face when you're feeling a bit down. Although your favorite songs can sound great through a premium speaker, there's nothing quite like listening to music through headphones.

But which type of headphones do you prefer: wired or wireless?

Wired Headphones Sound Better

wired headphones connected to phone

Generally speaking, wired headphones offer better sound quality than wireless headphones. If you compare a pair of cheap wired headphones with an expensive wireless pair, it's no surprise that the wireless pair will probably sound better. That said, we've got you covered with tips to get the best sound quality out of your headphones, whether they're wired or wireless.

Wired headphones also don't need to be charged, are usually a little cheaper, and don't have latency issues—all reasons why wired versus wireless gaming headsets come out favoring wired options too.

Wireless Headphones Offer More Mobility

Person wearing headphones on their neck

Though wireless headphones need to be charged and may offer lower sound quality overall compared to wired headphones, there are still plenty of reasons why someone might prefer wireless options over wired. In fact, some of the best headphones for listening to music are wireless.

Wireless headphones are compatible with more devices, so you can potentially use the same pair with your phone, computer, console, and more. There are a few great phones with a headphone jack, but most modern flagship phones lack one.

Choosing wireless over wired headphones also means you don't have to deal with the cord. When you're sitting down at your computer, a cord isn't that bothersome. But when you're walking around and moving a lot, wired headphones can be peskier than wireless options.

Do You Like Wired or Wireless Headphones More?

I'll be honest, I'm more of a standalone speaker type of person because I don't like wearing headphones on my head. However, I do wear headphones while playing games and chatting with my friends on Discord, and I prefer for those to be wired. I'll occasionally throw them on when I'm working or when I want to hear a new album in all its glory, and the sound quality of wired headphones is unmatched.

What about you? Do you prefer wired or wireless headphones, or do you like them both equally? Let us know why you prefer one or the other in the comments!