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Teslas charging at superchargers 1
What Is the Cheapest Tesla Model in 2023 and How Much Does It Cost?

Tesla has proven that EVs can be both efficient and affordable—but how much does the cheapest Tesla cost?

cybertruck in the desert 1
How Much Is a Tesla Cybertruck and When Is the Release Date?

The Tesla Cybertruck is a hotly anticipated electric pickup truck and it feels like we've been waiting ages to get our hands on it.

A Tesla Cybertruck on a highway with mountain in the background 1
8 Areas Where the Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Superior to the Ford F-150 Lightning

Tesla's Cybertruck is late to the party and also a bit weird, but it promises to be better than its rivals like the Ford Lightning in many areas.

Tesla Model Y (with a surfboard on its roof) side by side with a grey Audi Q4 e-tron 1
Tesla Model Y vs. Audi Q4 E-Tron: Which Is the Better Buy?

The Audi Q4 e-tron is the Volkswagen ID.4's more premium sister model and it may pose a threat to the Model Y's supremacy.

A Tesla SUV driving through the woods.  1
What Is Tesla Camp Mode and How Does it Work?

Maintain cabin temperatures for sleeping, entertainment, and more with this very useful Tesla feature.

Tesla Model S blue 1
What Is Tesla’s Drag Strip Mode, and How Does It Work?

Drag Strip Mode is what makes Tesla's Plaid models some of the quickest EVs in the world.

Tesla Model 3 next to a Tesla Destination Charger 1
7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Tesla

If you're thinking of buying a used Tesla, make sure to go through all these steps to ensure you're getting a good one.

Tesla Model 3 facelift 1
4 Ways the New 2023 Tesla Model 3 Is Better Than Before

Tesla has not only changed the Model 3's exterior and interior design, but it has also improved its range and efficiency.

Tesla and Electrify America charging stations side by side 1
CCS vs. Tesla’s NACS: Which One Is Better?

These are the two most popular fast charging standards in the US, and they both come with a series of advantages and disadvantages.

Tesla Model X side by side with BMW iX 1
Tesla Model X vs. BMW iX: Which Is the Better Buy?

The BMW iX may not have fancy falcon wing rear doors or a Plaid version with over 1,000 horsepower, but it is a worthy Tesla Model X rival.

Tesla Model S and Lucid Air Sapphire side by side 1
Lucid Air vs. Tesla Model S: Which Luxury EV Is Best?

If you're looking for an electric sedan with great tech, performance, and range, the Model S and Air are two of your best options.

Tesla Model 3 Performance black 1
What Makes the Tesla Model 3 Performance Variant So Special?

The Tesla Model 3 is a versatile EV that can serve multiple purposes, including the role of engaging sports car in Performance guise.

bmw i4 tesla model 3 1
Tesla Model 3 vs BMW i4: Which Should You Buy?

The Tesla Model 3 is so popular that it can't be ignored as a rival for the bigger, more expensive BMW i4.

Tesla Model 3 next to Destination Charger 1
10 Reasons the Tesla Model 3 Is Still a Great Buy

It may be a few years old, but the Tesla Model 3 is still one of the best-value EVs on the market.

self driving tesla cockpit 1
The 10 Coolest Easter Eggs In Tesla EVs

Teslas aren't only good EVs, but they are also built with a deeply embedded sense of humor.

Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 1
Polestar 2 vs. Tesla Model 3: Which Affordable Premium EV Is Best?

The Polestar 2 is probably the Tesla Model 3's biggest rival, yet it's quite a different and more traditional proposition.

tesla model x and y with mountain background 1
Tesla Model X vs. Model Y: What's the Difference?

Tesla's two SUVs may look similar from a distance, but the closer you get and the more you compare, you start to see some big differences.

Tesla Safety Score of 90 1
How to See Your Tesla Safety Score

The Tesla Safety Score is easy to access through the Tesla app on your phone.

tesla solar roof completed installation image 1
How to Use Tesla's Charge on Solar Feature to Power Your EV

With this handy Tesla feature, you can divert excess solar energy from a Powerwall into charging your electric vehicle.

image of tesla steering wheel and dash 1
8 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy a Tesla

Tesla is the world's most popular and prosperous electric vehicle manufacturer, but its cars are far from perfect.

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