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steam games troubleshooting windows 1
5 Ways to Stop Steam Web Helper From Using All Your RAM

Solve memory issues with Steam by managing the RAM.

A man holding a card and making a payment on Steam on a MacBook 1
How to Fund Your Steam Wallet and Buy Games

Adding money to your Steam wallet lets you store funds which you can then use on games.

person using Steam Link on an iPhone 1
How to Play Steam Games on Android or iPhone Using Steam Link

The Steam Link app lets you stream PC games directly to your smartphone. Here's how to use it.

A woman using an iMac with Steam reviews on the screen 1
How to Leave a Game Review on Steam

Do you have an opinion on a game you want to share on Steam? We'll show you how.

steam library on a computer monitor 1
How to Fix Steam’s “Steam Friends Network Unreachable” Error in Windows 11

Steam is a fantastic platform but it has its share of problems. One of which is the common "Steam Friends Network Unreachable" error.

A purple and white background with the Steam and folder logo on its front 1
How to Use Steam’s Storage Manager to Quickly Manage Your Games

Organize your games seamlessly with Steam's Storage Manager. Here's how.

steam library on a computer monitor 1
Steam Not Recognizing Installed Games? How to Fix It

Is Steam refusing to load the games you have installed on your gaming PC? You can fix it, and here's what you need to do...

fix remote play not working 1
How to Fix the Steam Remote Play Feature Not Working on Windows

Steam Remote Play can be finicky, but if it stops altogether, here's how to fix it on Windows.

purchasing call of duty cold war for pc 1
How to Fix Steam's "Files Failed to Validate and Will Be Reacquired" Error

Is Steam not verifying your files properly on your Windows PC? Here are some workarounds for this error.

Steam on a MacBook Pro screen 1
How to Fix the Pending Purchase Issue on Steam

Are your Steam purchases stuck in limbo? Let's explore why this error might occur and how to fix it.

Man playing a game on a flat screen computer monitor 1
Everything You Need to Know About Installing Steam on Chromebook

Wondering whether it's possible to install Steam and enjoy gaming on your Chromebook? Here's everything you need to know.

Fix Steam when it won't open 1
8 Easy Ways to Fix Steam When It Won't Open

Steam refusing to open? Desperate to play games? Here's how you fix it.

steam library on a computer monitor 1
How to Finally Get Rid of Games From Your Steam Account

Want to remove a game from your Steam account instead of just uninstalling it? Now you can do that, and it's easy.

Steam logo on a silver monitor 1
8 Ways to Fix Big Picture Mode Not Working or Crashing in Steam for Windows

Big Picture mode on Steam is easy and intuitive to use, but sometimes it can not work properly. Here's how to fix it.

How to Optimize the Steam Deck 1
How to Appear Offline on Steam (Even When You’re Online)

Want to game on Steam without being bothered? You can do that, even when you're online—here's how.

Arcade machines in a room 1
The Top 5 Frustrating Foddian Games to Test Your Skills

Foddian games can combine frustration with fun, but here are a few titles that really focus on the former.

a gaming PC with Steam on it 1
How to Hide Your Steam Activity

Limit who sees your steam activity with these privacy settings.

The Steam logo with a search bar over a dark grey background 1
How to Search Steam for Specific Users

Want to quickly contact other Steam users? We'll outline a few ways you can search for them.

Travel bag with a Sony Controller 1
9 Important Tips for Traveling Gamers

Gaming if you travel frequently can be a tricky task. However, we've got a list of helpful tips to make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

External hard drive beside mouse and keyboard 1
How to Play Steam Games on an External Drive Using the Steam Storage Manager

Steam's Storage Manager is great for playing games both on and off your computer. Here's how you can use it to play Steam games on an external drive.

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