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Security Risks

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Developer options enabled on an Android phone. 1
Is It Safe to Enable Android Developer Options?

The hidden Developer Options menu gives you more control over your Android device, but weigh the pros and cons before enabling it.

making https less secure 1
What Is SSL Stripping and How Can You Defend Against It?

By downgrading a secure HTTPS connection to HTTP, a hacker could intercept all your data and alter what you see online. Here's how.

A man sitting at a table and browsing a website on his laptop. 1
5 Red Flags to Identify a Phishing Website

Phishing isn't just for email or social media—you can also land directly on a phishing website. Here are some of the top indicators.

Airline passengers sitting in a flight and watching their screens. 1
How Secure Is Airplane Wi-Fi?

Airplane Wi-Fi keeps you connected while you're tens of thousands of feet in the air. It's convenient, but is it secure?

Person wearing hoodie and a neon mask 1
Cyberattacks on Gaming: Why the Risks Are Increasing for Gamers

Gamers, it’s high time to level up your security! Here's why cyberattacks on the games industry have increased.

An Intel CPU with AMT support 1
Can Your Computer Be Accessed Remotely While It’s Off?

Can a hacker get into your PC when it's powered down? Yes, it's possible; fort instance, using Intel's Active Management Technology...

Laptop in a cafe 1
9 Things You Should Never Do Using Public Wi-Fi

Accessing the internet using public Wi-Fi is dangerous. Here are the nine things you should avoid doing while using an unsecured network.

up close photo of wet spider web on black background 1
Deep vs. Dark Web: What's the Difference and Which Is Most Dangerous?

The internet is made up of many layers, including the deep web and the more notorious dark web. But what are the risks of each?

Person scanning QR Code on a parcel while sitting in a car 1
Are QR Codes Safe to Scan? What to Do if You Scanned a Fake One

Yes, QR codes can be dangerous, so you can't trust them all. Here's why scammers make fake QR codes and what to do if you fall for it.

An illustration of fake ChatGPT logos 1
These 9 Fake ChatGPT Virus and Malware Apps Can Steal Your Data

Does ChatGPT have viruses? Malicious counterparts certainly do. Here are nine fake chatbot alternatives that you need to steer clear of.

hot news 1
The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Trends and Threat Awareness

Here are six strategies for keeping pace with ever-evolving cyber threats and upgrading your security game.

disassembled view of PC hardware 1
What Are Microarchitectural Attacks?

Also known as side-channel attacks, microarchitectural attacks target the vulnerabilities in your hardware.

An android phone placed on top of a keyboard 1
6 Security Threats Android Users Face in 2023

Your Android smartphone faces a lot of problems courtesy of cybercriminals. Here's what to watch out for right now.

edge firefox chrome opera and brave logos 1
Update Everything: This Critical WebP Vulnerability Affects Major Browsers and Apps

A major vulnerability, CVE-2023-4863, can give hackers remote access to your whole system. Here's what to do.

Wave browser logo on black background 1
What Is Wave Browser? Is It a Virus?

Yes, Wave is a genuine browser, but that doesn't mean it's not malicious too. Here's what to do if you've accidentally installed this service.

cogs interacting against a purple screen 1
What Is Data Exfiltration? How Can You Stop It Happening to You?

It doesn't matter if your system carries lots of data or a small amount of it: you need to protect it from many threats, including hacks and phishing.

Man walking along a sidewalk during nighttime 1
How Do Hackers Sell and Trade Your Data in the Metaverse?

Inside the metaverse data marketplace... Let's explore the dark side of the metaverse, where personal data is a precious commodity.

kneeling down in a futuristic environment 1
The 9 Top Technology Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity

The latest tech trends can help you future-proof your cyber defenses. Here are the technologies you need to keep an eye on.

closeup shot of fake money and scam letters on table 1
What Is the Geek Squad Email Scam? How to Avoid It

Have you received an email from Geek Squad confirming a transaction that you haven't placed? This might be a scam. Here's what to do.

An image with HTTPS written on it in green with a green padlock icon 1
What Is HTTPS Spoofing?

Most of us trust the padlock we see next to a URL that begins with "https", but cybercriminals have found a smart way to exploit this.

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