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All episodes of The Really Useful Podcast: MUO's official podcast hosted by Christian Cawley.

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Raspberry Pi retro gaming system 1
Get Data Off an Old HDD and the Best Ways to Use a Raspberry Pi [Podcast]

Our weekly tech podcast helps you make the best use of your gadgets, software, and other technology.

Bitcoin on the blockchain. AI generated. 1
Exploring AI Apps, AI Crypto Trading Bots, and Useful Websites You Might Have Missed [Podcast]

This week's podcast looks at AI crypto trading bots, helpful AI apps, and some of the most useful websites you're not already using.

Man podcasting in a shed 1
Microsoft Buys Blizzard, AI Art and Translation Explored [Podcast]

This week's podcast laments Microsoft's purchase of Blizzard, looks at AI art, and compares ChatGPT with Google Translate.

SanDisk SSD 1
Raspberry Pi 5, AI Privacy, Chromebook Plus Announced PLUS: Fake SSDs Explained [Podcast]

Our podcast brings you the latest tech news that matters, with a look at some AI privacy issues and the new Chromebook Plus.

Shocked couple watching TV with wine 1
Ads on Prime Video, Microsoft/Blizzard Approved, and Dark Mode Explained [Podcast]

This week's podcast mulls over the impact of ads on Prime Video and whether it's really worth paying even more money to Amazon. PLUS: Dark mode tips.

iPhone 12 in a pocket 1
France Pulls iPhone 12, USB Cables Explained, and the Best Linux Distros for Old PCs [Podcast]

The latest tech news that impacts you is packaged together with useful tips and tricks and recommendations in our weekly podcast.

iPhone 15 Pro with Action Button 1
Apple iPhone 15 Launch and USB-C vs. Lightning Cables [Podcast]

We look at the key details surrounding the iPhone 15 range and consider the impact of the switch from Lightning to USB-C cables.

ifa-banner 1
What Is IFA? Lenovo Legion Go, AI Apps, and AI Crypto Trading Bots Explained

This week's tech podcast for technophobes features a look at the IFA consumer technology show, along with a look at some AI apps.

Retro handheld console 1
ChatGPT Side Gigs, PC Building Tips, and Retro Handhelds

Download our weekly podcast for the latest on ChatGPT side gigs, the best sites for PC builders, and why everyone should own a retro handheld console.

Xbox controller 1
Xbox 360 Store to Close, Connect an Xbox Controller to Your PC, and the Best Gaming News Sites

It's a gaming themed podcast this week, with news of the Xbox 360 marketplace closure.

man in earphones 1
Wired vs. Wireless Headphones: Audio Quality, Comfort, and Maintenance Explained

We wear headphones to record every podcast, so this week we're talking about them!

Woman Scammed 1
Has Someone Been Using Your PC? Is Someone Using Your Emails? Here's How to Tell

An online security and privacy edition of our tech podcast for technophobes looks at email scammers and spotting when someone has used your PC.

Blank TV screen 1
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, Netflix Shoots Itself in the Foot, and Is Mac Gaming a Thing?

Could you one day be playing AAA games on a Mac, rather than a PC or game console? And how has Netflix upset striking actors and writers?

Flying car 1
Twitter X Announced, Flying Taxis in S?o Paulo, Threads Fraying, and How to Install a Dashcam

Our weekly tech podcast for technophobes explains Twitter X, how to install a dashcam, and gives you an update on the new Threads social network.

Backpacking couple taking selfie 1
ChatGPT Legal Woes, Google News Feed Revised, and Get the Best Mobile Internet on Vacation

Our weekly tech podcast brings you a vital tip for vacations, reveals a revision to Android's Google News feed, and discusses ChatGPT legal issues.

Webpage on a laptop 1
Really Useful Websites, Best Cloud Gaming Services, and Avoid Crypto Scams on YouTube

We've got an immense collection of tips, website recommendations, and more in our weekly tech podcast for technophobes.

Lego minifig and Raspberry Pi 1
Raspberry Pi Podcast Special: Projects for Beginners and Experts

Our team gets together to create Raspberry Pi podcast special, with tips and tricks for users of all skills.

iPhone and charger 1
How to Buy a New Laptop Without Buyer's Regret PLUS: The Risks of AI to Humanity

Buying a laptop without making a mistake is tricky. We deal with that and more in this week's tech podcast for technophobes.

Apple TV 1
Microsoft Hacked, Activision Merger in Peril, and Apple tvOS 17 New Features

Our latest tech podcast for techphobes explains the recent Microsoft online services hack and looks at new features in Apple tvOS 17.

Woman holding a bitcoin 1
Apple Vision Pro VR/AR, SEC Chases Coinbase, and Cryptocurrency Jobs

We look at the Apple Vision Pro news, explore the SEC investigation into Coinbase, and discuss jobs you can apply for in cryptocurrency.

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