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PC Jargon and Terminology

Confused by unclear abbreviations or not sure what a new tech buzzword means? We'll explain what you should know in plain English.

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VDI vs. VHD vs. VMDK vs. VHDX: Virtual Disk Image Formats Explained

With so many virtual disk image formats out there, you might wonder which one to use. Well, we've got you covered.

Volvo V90 T8 plug-in hybrid with charging port door open 1
EV vs. BEV vs. PHEV vs. HEV: What's the Difference?

Looking to jump into the electric vehicles market but put off by the jargon? We've got you covered.

engineer working on cloud init scripts on a linux pc 1
VHD vs. VHDX: What Is the Difference and When Should You Use Them?

VHD and VHDX files sound similar but they have some key differences you should know about before using.

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What Is HDCP and How Can It Impact Movie Playback on Your TV?

HDCP is used to prevent piracy, but it can also interfere with your regular, legal streams.

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4K vs. 8K: Which TV Resolution Is Best for You?

Is it worth upgrading to an 8K TV, or should you stick with 4K?

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DirectX 11 vs. DirectX 12: What Are the Differences and Which Should You Use?

Is DirectX 12 better than DirectX 11? Here's how they compare...

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What Is an HEIC File and Why Does Your iPhone Use Them?

Are HEIC files better than the alternatives?

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What's the Difference Between Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning?

These two terms are at the core of the generative AI revolution, but what do they mean, and how do they differ?

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Everything You Should Know About Session Cookies

Session cookies are one of the most important parts of your browsing experience. Here's everything you need to know about them.

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What Is Vo5G (VoNR) and How Does It Compare to VoLTE?

Vo5G calling is coming, and it promises crystal clear calls—so long as you have a 5G connection.

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What Is a Render Farm and Should You Be Using One?

Could using a render farm give you more time for animation and other projects?

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USB-C vs. Lightning Port: Which Is Best?

They perform very similar roles, but one is absolutely better than the other. But, which one is it?

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ISO vs. BIN vs. CUE vs. IMG: Disk Image Formats Explained

There are numerous disk image file formats out there, but how do they differ, and what should you use?

USB Hub adapter with a white USB cord connected to it 1
USB4 vs. USB 3: 7 Key Differences Explained

USB4 is the latest and greatest for USB technology, but how does it compare to USB 3?

Dolby Atmos logo on a sign in a hallway 1
4 Reasons Dolby Atmos Is Better Than DTS:X

Similar specs and similar performance, but Dolby Atmos is just better.

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What Is Bluetooth Auracast and How Does It Work?

Auracast is here, and it makes streaming to multiple devices easier than ever.

dark colored rendition of blockchain 1
What Is Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), and How Does It Work?

Did you know validators can pick and choose the transactions they include in a block?

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audeze lcd-1 headphones rear air intake 1
Planar Magnetic vs. Dynamic Headphones: What's the Difference, and What Should You Buy?

Planar magnetic headphones deliver exceptional quality, so how do regular dynamic drivers compare?

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What Is Nvidia's AI-Powered DLSS 3.5 and How Does It Work?

Nvidia has launched a new DLSS version, and it's better in almost every way.

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