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Microsoft Excel

You'll be a spreadsheet pro in no time with our guidance on using Excel's many functions.

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How to Record a Macro in Excel

Tired of repeating the same tasks in Excel? Learn how to record macros to automate your work.

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How to Plan Your Loans and Savings With the NPER Function in Excel

Learn how Excel's NPER function can help you easily calculate and plan for your savings goals and loan payoffs.

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How to Calculate Interest Rate With Excel’s RATE Function

Interest rates are inevitable, but it is—believe it or not—possible to calculate them to an extent. Excel has a function that'll help.

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How to Reduce the Size of Your Excel Spreadsheet

You may need to reduce an Excel spreadsheet size to send it to others, and this guide will help you do that.

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How to Use the MROUND Function in Excel

Unlock the power of Excel's MROUND function for precision in calculations.

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How to Fix Excel Formulas That Won’t Display Correctly

Are your Excel spreadsheets throwing tantrums instead of calculations? Learn to resolve common errors and make your formulas look their best.

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How to Seamlessly Integrate Python Into Excel Using PyXLL

When there’s no Excel function for the job at hand, Python programmers reach out for PyXLL.

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How to Use Excel for Financial Analysis

Excel is an excellent tool for better understanding the health of your business. Here's how to use it for some common financial analysis computations.

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How to Recover Any Unsaved or Overwritten Microsoft Excel Files

You don't have to start over when you accidentally lose an Excel file. If your computer crashed or you closed the document without saving, chances are you can recover your work.

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How to Import Data From Websites to Excel

Are you tired of manually copying and pasting data from websites to Excel? Learn how to import data from the web to Excel in just a few clicks!

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16 Personal Finance Excel Spreadsheet Templates for Managing Money

Always keep track of your financial health. These free Excel spreadsheet templates are the tools you need to manage your money.

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How to Capture Screenshots With Excel

Want to add screenshots to your Excel spreadsheet? Learn how to take screenshots in Excel and make your work more efficient.

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How to Show Formulas in Excel

Effortlessly reveal Excel formulas and gain insights into your data like never before.

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Can’t Insert New Cells in Microsoft Excel for Windows? Try These Fixes

The inability to insert new cells in Excel can bring your planned work to a screeching halt. Here's how to fix it on Windows.

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How to Use the TAKE and DROP Functions in Excel

Learn how to precisely extract and manipulate your data, making Excel work smarter for you.

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How to Use the ISEVEN and ISODD Functions in Excel

Learn to quickly identify numbers in your datasets using Excel's ISEVEN and ISODD functions.

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The 13?Best Timesheet Templates to Track Your Hours

Need a timesheet template for Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word? Here's a collection of different templates to help you track your hours.

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How to Check if Two Values Are Equal in Excel

In Excel, there are plenty of formulas you can use to determine if two values are equal. Here are some examples.

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How to Merge Microsoft Excel Files and Sheets

Learn everything about how to merge sheets in Excel, plus how to combine multiple Excel files into one.

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How to Use the RANDARRAY Function to Randomly Sort Data in Excel

Want to add a little excitement to your data analysis? Learn how to use the RANDARRAY function to randomly sort your data in Excel.

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