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Linux Commands

Learn to master the Terminal with guides on various Linux commands.

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How to Limit curl Request Time

It’s often better to fail quickly than to keep on waiting in the hope of success.

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Track Network Connections in Linux With pktstat

What is your Linux computer sending, and where? Find out with pkstat.

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How to Run a Program Periodically Using the Watch Command on Linux

If you find yourself running the same command again and again, there may be a better way.

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How to Use the man Command in Linux

Want to learn how to use the man command to get command-line help on Linux? Here's a primer.

Kali Linux desktop 1
How to Generate Custom Wordlists on Kali Linux With crunch

Plan and carry out effective brute-force attacks by generating custom wordlists with crunch on Kali Linux.

Check Your NIC Speed on Linux-1 1
5 Ways to Check Your NIC Speed on Linux

Your internet speed also depends on the speed of your network interface controller (NIC). Here are a few ways to check your NIC speed on Linux.

essential tools to remember Linux commands 1
5 Essential Tools to Remember Linux Commands

With these helpful tools by your side, searching for the correct Linux command to do something becomes a cinch.

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4 Ways to Check Whether cron Is Working on Linux

cron is a job scheduler and process automation utility for Linux. Here's how you can check if cron is working properly on your system.

manage packages in opensuse with zypper 1
How to Manage Packages in openSUSE With Zypper

openSUSE ships with Zypper, a command-line package management tool that works with RPM packages. Here's how to use it.

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How to Create and Remove Directories in the Linux Terminal

You can create folders in Linux using a graphical file manger just like on Windows and macOS. But if you prefer to use the command line, you can!

Person typing on a Samsung Chromebook Placed on a Wooden Table 1
How to Update and Upgrade Linux on Your Chromebook

Once you've set up a Linux environment on your Chromebook, it's recommended that you update and upgrade the installed Linux packages.

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How to Save Command Line Output to File on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Saving the output of a command to a file is helpful if you're trying to diagnose a problem, and it's super easy to do.

how to unzip zip files in linux 1
What Is the Linux unzip Command?

Need help extracting a ZIP archive on Linux? Here's how you can unzip a ZIP file, both graphically and using the command line.

tips to change the appearance linux terminal 1
How to Use the Equivalent of the "ls" Command in Windows

Linux users have a wide range of commands under their belt, but not all of them work in Windows. Fortunately, the "ls" command is an exception to this

a person taking out a single file from a document 1
The 5 Best Linux Tools for Directory Bursting

Looking for free-to-use tools to enumerate hidden directories and files on a web server? Here are the best Linux tools for directory bursting.

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How to Monitor Network Usage for Processes on Linux

Want to view the network usage for all currently active processes on your Linux PC? It's easy with these open-source tools.

man types on laptop with phone on desk beside it 1
service vs. systemctl in Linux: What Are the Differences?

If you want to know more about init systems, it's important to first understand the systemctl and service commands and their underlying differences.

remove package repositories on ubuntu 1
5 Ways to Remove Installed Packages on Ubuntu

If you wish to uninstall a package or app on Ubuntu, use one of these five methods, depending on how you installed the package in the first place.

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How to Use atop to View Active Processes on Linux

By default, top and htop show all the processes on a Linux system. If you only want to view currently active Linux processes, check out atop.

Wifi Router With Power Supply on Yellow Background 1
How to Connect to Wi-Fi Through the Linux Terminal With Nmcli

Connecting to Wi-Fi using the nmcli command is rather easy on Linux, with or without a graphical interface.

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