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You Can Now Delete Your Threads Account Without Deleting Your Instagram

The update makes Threads and Instagram feel slightly less enmeshed.

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Can You Hide Your Following List on Instagram? Workarounds Explained

Not everyone has to see who you follow and who follows you.

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Why You Should Avoid Instagram Wrapped

Just because an app has gone viral that doesn't mean you should download it.

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How to Add Instagram Highlights Without Followers Seeing Your Story

Sometimes you want to add Highlights without spamming your followers with Story updates on Instagram.

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How to Switch to a Professional Account on Instagram

You can switch your personal account to a professional account for added features.

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How to Create an AI Chat on Instagram

Not every contact you talk to on Instagram needs to be a real person.

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Can’t Find Certain Songs on Instagram Music? Try These Fixes

Sometimes search results on Instagram don't show music tracks that you know are already on the platform.

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30 Social Media Abbreviations Every User Should Know

Here's an expansive list of social media abbreviations and acronyms you should know.

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How to Stop Instagram Tracking Your Online Activity

Meta has updated its Accounts Center so that you can disable Instagram tracking on other websites.

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How to Spot Fake Instagram Vendors

Instagram is full of shady vendors, so it's crucial to know the warning signs of such a threat.

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How to Schedule and Publish an Instagram Post From Canva

Not only can you create stunning Instagram posts in Canva, but you can also schedule and publish them directly from the platform. Here's how to do it.

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8 Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Follow Someone on Instagram

If the Follow option is not working for you on Instagram, there are a few potential issues behind this.

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How to Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously

Instagram lets you post to multiple accounts at the same time, but you need to link them first.

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How to View Your Liked and Saved Posts on Instagram

Instagram has plenty of features beyond the standard news feed. If you want to view posts you've interacted with in the past, this guide is for you.

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Is Someone Stalking You on Instagram? Here's How to Check

There are a few signs you can look for to see if someone is closely following your activity on Instagram.

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How to Find Songs for Your Reels Using Instagram's Audio Tab

Instagram's Audio tab lets you search for tracks for your Reels. Here's how to use the feature.

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4 Tips For Finding a Reel You Watched on Instagram

Here are the best ways to track down an Instagram reel that you watched in the past and want to find again.

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How to Control Who Can Comment on Your Instagram Posts

You may not be always be able to control who sees your Instagram profile, but you can control how they interact with you.

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Why You Shouldn't Use Instagram Follower Tracking Apps

Instagram follower tracking apps are popular for checking who unfollowed you on the platform. But here's why you shouldn't use them...

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How to Reply to a Message on Instagram

You can easily reply to specific messages on Instagram.

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