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notion widgets to try 1
The 15 Best Notion Widgets You Can Add to Your Setup

Are you bored with your current Notion setup? Here are the most useful Notion widgets to add to your page.

Figma FigJam AI Homepage on a MacBook 1
FigJam's New AI Features (and How to Use Them)

Level up your brainstorming sessions with FigJam's powerful new AI-powered features.

Notion Logo with windows and Mac keyboards 1
8 Notion Templates for Your Productive Routines

Looking to use Notion for your productivity routines? There's no need to spend precious time coming up with a structure. Use these templates instead!

person taking meeting notes on a copy 1
10 Handy Tools to Get AI-Generated Meeting Notes

Tired of manual note-taking during meetings? Here are some useful tools for creating AI-generated meeting notes.

Notion database with Notion logo 1
How to Create Clickable Links in Notion Using Formulas

Discover how the formula property can revolutionize your productivity in Notion.

Photo of a person working on a Windows laptop 1
How to Create and Use Gantt Charts in Notion

Need a better way to visualize and track your projects? Learn how to create and use Gantt charts in Notion.

Women working on PC with Microsoft Edge logo on screen.  1
What Is Microsoft Edge Workspaces, and How Can It Help You Collaborate Better?

Say goodbye to endless weblinks and scattered project files. Microsoft Edge Workspaces is here to help keep your entire team on the same page.

Resting Exhausted Head on Laptop Keyboard 1
How to Make Track Changes Easier to Use on Microsoft Word

Discover how to master Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature and make your editing experience more efficient and enjoyable.

A computer screen showing Notion's dashboard 1
How to Create a Custom Page Template in Notion

Ready to take your Notion experience to the next level? Discover the power of custom templates in Notion.

Airtable logo overlayed on a view of an Airtable interface 1
How to Create an Interface on Airtable

Ready to unlock your Airtable base's full potential? Learn to create, customize, and share interfaces for enhanced decision-making.

AirtableAutomation 1
How to Use Airtable Automations for Effortless Project Management

Tried of manually running repetitive tasks? Master Airtable automation and streamline your workflow.

The MS Teams app  1
How to Use Loop Components in Microsoft Teams to Ease Collaborations

Discover the power of Microsoft Teams' Loop components for seamless collaboration.

Person using a laptop 1
How to Quickly Create Meeting Notes in Google Docs

Say goodbye to the hassles of note-taking and hello to enhanced productivity.

Attachment field in Airtable 1
How to Use the Attachment Field in Airtable

Learn how to add Attachment fields to your Airtable workflow and supercharge your productivity.

A close-up look at the headings of multiple types of fields within Airtable. 1
The Basics of Using Fields in Airtable

From organizing data to dynamic calculations, each Airtable field offers a unique power. Discover how to make the most of fields in Airtable.

Skewed Screenshot of View types on Airtable 1
6 Types of Free Airtable Views and When to Use Them

Are you using Airtable to its full potential? Learn about the different types of views and when to use them for optimal project management.

Microsoft Word icon among golden puzzle pieces 1
How to Collaborate in Real-Time on a Word Document

Working on a document with others can be tricky. Here's how to collaborate in real-time in Microsoft Word.

a hand holding a phone, user browsing Instagram 1
How (and Why) to Post an Instagram Collab

Posting an Instagram Collab is different from simply tagging someone in your Instagram post.

An image showing the Mote app homepage in the Mac desktop on top of a table 1
How to Leave Voice Comments on Google Docs Using Mote

Want to leave voice comments on Google Docs? Here's how to use Mote to add audio feedback and enhance collaboration effortlessly.

Graphic illustration of a woman filling out a survey on a computer screen 1
How to Add Branching or Nested Questions in Google Forms

Want to create more dynamic and interactive Google Forms? Learn how to add branching logic and nested questions in your forms.

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