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Artificial Intelligence

Learn about the latest advancements in AI and how to use tools like ChatGPT to their full potential.

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GPTZero vs. Originality.ai AI Detection Compared

You can now use online detectors to sniff out AI-generated text, but which tool should you choose?

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How ChatGPT's Custom GPTs Could Expose Your Data and How to Keep It Safe

Custom GPTs are a game changer, but they have some data security issues, too.

OpenAI's GPT model 1
Going Beyond ChatGPT: What Does the Future Hold for Generative AI and Chatbots?

Generative AI chatbots are only at the start of their journey, but we're already considering what's next.

Luminar Neo GenSwap Before and After of Tree Swap 1
How to Add or Replace Objects in Your Photos Using Luminar Neo's GenSwap AI Tool

With GenSwap in the mix, Luminar Neo raises the bar on its generative AI toolkit.

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Why YouTube Wants YouTubers to Admit to Using AI in Videos

In the interest of community safety, YouTube will require creators to disclose AI content.

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OpenAI Fires CEO Sam Altman, but What Does That Mean for ChatGPT?

OpenAI has fired its CEO, but how will that affect the development of ChatGPT?

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15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

Use ChatGPT to its full potential with these creative ideas.

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Microsoft Rebrands Bing Chat to Copilot to Compete With ChatGPT

Microsoft makes its move in the AI assistant market as it sets its sights on ChatGPT.

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Really Useful Podcast Episode 200: Quiz Time! [Podcast]

This special edition of our weekly tech podcast for technophobes marks the show's 200th episode and 5th anniversary, so it's time for a quiz...

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The 7 Best AI Prompt Marketplaces

Looking to buy or sell useful AI prompts? These are the best AI prompt platforms you can try right now.

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How to Automate Your Document Creation With ChatGPT in Microsoft Word

Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to efficient, AI-assisted document creation.

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New ChatGPT Subscriptions Are Closed, but Why, and When Will They Reopen?

The world's leading generative AI tool unexpectedly closed its doors to new users, but what's the reason behind this sudden change?

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8 Custom GPTs You Can Start Using Right Now

You can now create custom GPTs for nearly any situation, but with so much potential, where do you begin?

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4 AI-Checking ChatGPT Detector Tools for Teachers, Lecturers, and Bosses

Figure out who's using ChatGPT to create their work for them with these handy tools.

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Why Are There No More ChatGPT Jailbreaks? 7 Reasons ChatGPT Jailbreaks Don't Work

ChatGPT jailbreaks granted extra capabilities, but none of them seem to work anymore. Why is that?

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Can You Access ChatGPT With a VPN?

ChatGPT isn't available everywhere, but you can still access it despite restrictions.

An image of a laptop with a warning on the screen with the Google Bard Logo 1
Don't Download the Google Bard App—It's Malware

Scammers are exploiting Google Bard and tricking people into downloading malware, but there are some easy ways to avoid it.

gpt-4 logo on smartphone screen 1
5 Ways to Access GPT-4 for Free

OpenAI's GPT-4 AI model is all the rage, but what if you don't want to part with $20 per month to access it?

ChatGPT running on an iPhone 14 Pro 1
7 Better Alternatives to OpenAI's ChatGPT Mobile App

These AI chatbot apps will do a better job than OpenAI's official ChatGPT mobile app.

GPT builder dialogue box in ChatGPT 1
How to Use "Create a GPT" to Create a Customized Version of ChatGPT

Getting to grips with ChatGPT's custom GPT tool is much easier than it looks, and you can have your custom AI tool up and running in moments.

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