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Key Takeaways

  • Learn magic tricks to expand your mind and impress loved ones. Start with card tricks on The Spruce Crafts for clear instructions and a great first choice.
  • Cleverly offers six easy tricks, including palming a coin and a cool water-to-ice illusion. Follow instructions carefully for impressive results.
  • Nas Academy teaches advanced illusion tricks like pushing a cup through a table. Master misdirection and wow your friends. Also, learn a science-based trick with polymer bags on this site.
  • Care provides 13 entertaining magic tricks for kids and adults. Start with classics like rubber pencil and spoon-bending illusions. Perfect for family fun.

Learning to do magic tricks is a wonderful way to expand your mind while setting yourself up to amaze and entertain your friends and family.

Although becoming a master magician takes many years of dedication, getting up to speed on a few basic tricks can be a quick and fun process for kids and adults.

Whether you eventually want to take your magic abilities to a high level or want to learn a few cool moves, here are the best websites to help you get started on your journey of magic.

1. The Spruce Crafts

The Spruce Crafts website

Card tricks are a familiar category to everyone, making them a perfect place for new magicians to start. The Spruce Crafts website offers excellent instructions for learning various card tricks, ideal for beginners.

Starting with what the website describes as the world's best and easiest card trick, the simple concept is an excellent first choice.

Once you get comfortable with the moves and your confidence is high, you can go through another fifteen card tricks, each with clear and comprehensive instructions to ensure your success.

2. Cleverly

Cleverly's website provides instructions for six easy tricks that can be learned by anyone who has a little bit of time and inspiration. Palming a coin is one of the foundations of many cool tricks, and the first offering by Cleverly teaches you how to master this classic move.

The second trick is a crafty illusion that makes it appear like you turned water into ice cubes almost instantaneously. There are four more tricks to learn from this website, all of which are pretty simple yet produce impressive results.

If you take your time with each one and follow the instructions carefully, you'll be well on your way to performing for an audience or perhaps pranking a few friends with these tricks.

3. Nas Academy

Nas Academy website

Although the first trick is simple, Nas Academy's website will teach you to take the art of illusion to a higher level. While there are many outstanding tricks to learn on this site, a few stand above the rest.

The sixth offering—Push a Cup Through a Solid Table—is as impressive as it sounds. The key to this trick is misdirection, which may take some time to get right. But with some focus and practice, you can wow your friends with this incredible illusion.

The trick that follows is more science-based than an illusion, based on the fact that most small food storage bags are made out of a polymer, a material often associated with batteries. The polymer lets the performer pierce a pencil through a water-filled bag without leaking liquid.

4. Care

Care website

Our final suggestion comes from Care with its instructions for learning 13 magic tricks. Although these are intended to be entertaining for kids, we think many adults would also enjoy these. These magic tricks are also perfect for parents and kids to work on together.

The list begins with the classic rubber pencil magic trick and moves on to another classic, the spoon-bending illusion. Although the concepts here are incredibly simple, it takes time to truly master the techniques.

All the tricks featured on this website will undoubtedly be exceptional additions to your arsenal.

The Joys of Magic

Learning magic tricks is a fun activity for kids, adults, and families to enjoy alone or together. One of the many beautiful aspects of this pastime is refining your skills, improving incrementally until no one can see through your illusions.

You can be the center of attention at a party or perform for a few friends or family members. The joys of magic are experienced differently by each of us, but learning a few simple tricks is sure to bring a smile to us all.

Are you ready to make some magic? All you need to do is grab your favorite device and visit one of these websites to begin!