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The Isinwheel V8 electric skateboard offers an exciting way to increase your skating distance with a swappable battery system. Plus, with improvements to motor power and off-road wheels, you can even tackle previously inaccessible riding environments.

But is an electric skateboard as a worthy alternative to escooters or ebikes?

Isinwheel V8 Electric Skateboard
8.5 / 10

The Isinwheel V8 electric skateboard comes with a generous-sized riding deck of 36.4 x 11.8 x 5.3 inches with the power of dual 600W motors to help achieve a range of up to 12 miles.  With an on-hand remote control, riders can accelerate, swap power modes, and even put the skateboard in reverse. Plus, with a wheel size of 4.1 inches, it can tackle more terrain that would stop other electric skateboards in their tracks.

36.4 x 11.8 x 5.3 inches (92.5 x 30 x 13.5 cm)
37V, 5.2Ah Lithium Polymer
Dual 600W
Max. Speed
28-30mph (45-48km/h)
12 miles
Max. Load
~264 pounds (120 kg)
Age Suitability
13 to 60
  • Swappable batteries extend lower riding range
  • Higher payload
  • Off-road wheels help with learning and riding
  • Four adjustable speed modes
  • Good deck grip and flexible handling
  • Extra lighting for improved visibility
  • Remote control strap should be able to tighten at your wrist
  • IP54 protection only
  • Brakes can be too jarring

Isinwheel V8 Design and Technical Specifications

Isinwheel V8 resting against tree

For those after a more minimalist board, the Isinwheel V8 doesn't go heavily overboard on its branding. There's enough on the top deck to identify the brand and only one set of wheels features its logo. So for those more concerned with the practicalities of everyday riding versus a showpiece deck, it's ready to absorb some dirt from daily use.

The eight layers of maple with a frosted coat at the top provide a durable anti-slip pattern with excellent grip. In addition, the 36.4 x 11.8 x 5.3 inches (92 x 30 x 13cm) sizing of the Isinwheel V8 provides adequate footing for a wide range of riders, with a maximum payload of 264lbs (120kg).

Isinwheel V8 wheel closeup

Isinwheel went with an aluminum alloy and polyurethane wheel material for the wheels, measuring out at 4.1 inches. These, combined with the dual brushless motors, can tackle light off-road conditions, which would otherwise stop regular electric skateboards.

After a full charge, the Isinwheel V8 can hit a potential maximum range of twelve miles on its battery. However, as with all personal electric vehicles, this will be limited by the rider's weight, temperature, riding speed, and more.

Isinwheel V8 Charging and Battery Management

The Isinwheel V8 typically falls more in the 10 to 12 miles range depending on the outside riding factors. As such, it's advisable to capitalize on the swappable battery design by purchasing one of Isinwheel's bundled offerings or an additional battery later. Unfortunately, the battery can only be charged onboard the skateboard, so you can't keep one charging while you ride.

Isinwheel V8 electric skateboard charging port

Outside the battery cavity, a small rubber flap guards the charging insert. Once you've plugged the AC end of the charger in, you can expect a typical charging time of two to three hours. Additionally, the battery life can be checked by four green power-level lights on the bottom of the board or via the included remote control when powered up.

Whether you flip the board on the back of its deck or rest it upright to charge doesn't matter.

Isinwheel V8 removable battery

When it comes to handling the rechargeable lithium polymer removable battery, it's a reasonably quick process. After pressing the retainers on each side of the battery, you'll pull up and detach it from the connector. But you'll want to ensure that the connector is fitted appropriately to the piece's design on reattachment.

Isinwheel V8 battery connector

Once you've successfully connected, you'll hear an audible click when the battery has been reinserted into its cavity. But for any spare batteries, you'll want to ensure the connector has a good fit inside, or it'll create an off-placement of the battery that will prevent a successful lock-in.

Understanding the Isinwheel V8 Remote Control

Isinwheel V8 remote control starting graphic

Since the Isinwheel doesn't feature a partner app, nor does the skateboard have an onboard display like an e-scooter or EUC, a variety of information and control functions comes from its paired 2.4GHz remote. As such, you'll want to make sure it's adequately charged via the included cable before going for any extended rides.

Besides providing an up-to-date indication of its battery and that of the skateboard, the remote provides an assortment of crucial information: an odometer, active signal status, current speed mode, speed in miles per hour, and whether the skateboard is set to move forward or in reverse.

Isinwheel V8 remote control info

Beyond the on-screen information, acceleration and braking is controlled via the wheel switch located just above the finger-hole grip. Additionally, You can swap between forward and reverse via a double tap of the power button.

Meanwhile, the secondary button lets you switch between the four speed modes with a single press. Meanwhile, double-pressing activates the ambient green lighting underneath the deck.

Isinwheel V8 wrist strap

One complaint regarding the remote is the default wrist strap. While you'd want this securely attached, tightening the strap is impossible. So if you're learning or worried about any potential loss of the remote if the strap should snap, you should consider changing out the strap to a more secure one versus worrying about paying for a future replacement.

First-Time Skateboarding on the Isinwheel V8

Isinwheel V8 grass test

Unlike the more typical electronic riding options, the remote pairing with the skateboard allows you to test the skateboard's ability to handle terrain without a rider. While beginner riders will likely opt to jump off the board or stop with their foot at lower speeds, the off-road tires make grass somewhat transversable, so I was curious to test to what extent.

Without any payload, the skateboard itself will function much like an off-road RC car, especially with some speed behind it. However, if you step on with a higher weight closer to the max threshold of 264lbs, the skateboard is unlikely to move on grass at its lowest speed level. If you up maximum speed, you should be able to get the skateboard going lightly off-road.

So if you're still learning and looking for a safe grass-based stopping point, you'll want to consider keeping the Isinwheel V8 at its lowest speed setting.

Isinwheel V8 center footing feel

Another benefit of the acceleration and brake wheel on the skateboard's remote is that it's easy to get a feel for the board with added security. By keeping the brake engaged, you can easily get atop the deck and get a feel for your footing without any concern about the board slipping away from under you.

Riding the Isinwheel V8 Electric Skateboard

Isinwheel V8 riding in park

When riding the Isinwheel V8, beginners should typically stick to either speed level 1 (6-8 mph) or level 2 (10-12 mph). The dual 600W motors can easily get up to speed, so you'll want to look for a flat and level surface to practice on, with some grass being a preferred stopping ground at level one. The brakes utilize 30% regenerative braking, so they can prove quite jarring on a sudden stop.

Instead, it's much better to let the Isinwheel V8 naturally roll to its own intended stopping ground or be gently stopped by your foot at a lower speed.

Another safety consideration is the V8 is only rated IP54 (water-resistant and dustproof), so you'll want to avoid taking it out in heavy rain or near any deep puddles.

Isinwheel V8 lighted ride

Compared to a traditional longboard, the Isinwheel V8 feels much more forgiving in its learning curve as you figure out your balance and control of the board. If you've ever ridden on cheaper skateboards with worse footing, you'll find an excellent grip in contrast without any modification required. Plus, the built-in board flexibility lets you easily figure out your initial handling and turns.

Tackling Inclines and Dips With the Isinwheel V8

An added benefit of the stronger motors in the Isinwheel V8 is its ability to handle hill climbing of up to 25 degrees. Even at the lower speed modes, both gradual and steeper, winding inclines proved no problem. For those using higher speed level presets, it'll prove even less of a challenge.

When riding downhill, remember that the wheels will build up momentum quickly. Since the brakes can prove abrupt, you'll want to make sure you're ready to handle this even on less steep downhill rides.

But if you're comfortable skateboarding already, the improved climbing ability makes a recreational ride or commute much more enjoyable.


Isinwheel V8 light activation

While there's no full RGB lighting included, you will find a simple green ambient system to compliment the bottom graphics of the board. When activated, they're not excessively bright and hard to distinguish during the day. But for dusk rides or night rides, they can provide some additional visibility and flair.

But for those after an actual light source with adequate lumens to light the path agead, you're better off looking for a helmet-mounted light or a suitable aftermarket skateboard LED light.

Isinwheel V8 standard light view

Portability and Range for the Isinwheel V8 E-Skateboard

Isinwheel V8 shoulder carry

For those situations where riding the Isinwheel V8 isn't ideal, there's a gross weight of ~24lbs (11kg) to contend with. After the initial lift, it can rest quite comfortably over your shoulder. However, carrying it for longer distances is not advisable, especially with a battery installed.

But thanks to the swappable battery, slightly longer rides that would otherwise prove impossible can be fulfilled. So figuring out your typical riding range can help determine how many additional batteries you'll need. If you're looking to ride mostly for recreation purposes or learn to skateboard more forgivingly, this isn't as important.

While one or two batteries can fit in a simple cross-body bag with a deep enough pocket, you'll only really want the added weight when necessary.

Isinwheel V8 spare battery size comparison

Should You Buy the Isinwheel V8?

Isinwheel V8 profile view

An alternative option for commuting, most people would probably be served better by an ebike. Although not as portable, an ebike would prove to have a much better range and much less of a learning curve.

Isinwheel V8 grass tuft bump

But if you're after a more streamlined skateboard experience, the Isinwhleel V8's motors provide access to speeds suited for beginner and more experienced riders.

Good quality skateboards can already fetch a hefty price tag, so you should ultimately weigh how much your riding experience can benefit from the motors and remote control. It's not a perfect fit for every rider, but it's an exciting one for those that might have otherwise avoided trying out a skateboard.