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Reaching 100 million users in just five days, Instagram Threads experienced impressive early success. But as with any evolving social media platform, change is on the horizon.

In this article, we break down five new Threads features rumored to be on the way before very long.

1. Hashtags

Hashtags are set to make their debut on Threads. With the addition of a Following feed, hashtags will continue to improve user experience, making it easier to find relevant content.

A screenshot of Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri discussing the addition of hashtags to Instagram Threads App.

Some users have criticized the potential clutter of hashtags on Threads, reminiscent of Twitter. However, others suggest that Threads should adopt a feature from Instagram Reels that allows users to select up to three relevant topics instead.

Despite the debate, Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri has confirmed that hashtags are on the list of features to add, without specifying a timeline for their release.

2. Multi-Account Switching

Have you ever wished you could manage multiple accounts seamlessly on Threads? Your wish may soon come true. Following the functionality already present on Instagram, Threads will offer an easy way to switch between accounts.

A screenshot of Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri discussing the addition of account switching on the Threads app.

Adam Mosseri has tagged this feature as part of the upcoming additions to Threads.

3. Post Editing

Threads is about to give users the ability to edit posts; a much-sought after feature that lets users modify their shared posts. While the launch date remains unknown, this is another feature that Mosseri has confirmed to be "on the list".

A screenshot of Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri discussing the addition of an edit post feature to Instagram Threads app.

The possibility of editing posts after they've been shared could be a game-changer for Threads users, especially for those accustomed to this function on other platforms.

4. Delete a Threads Account Without Deleting Instagram

At the moment, deleting your Threads account also deletes your Instagram account; a result of the tech stack used to build Threads.

A screenshot of Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri discussing the ability to delete Instagram Threads without deleting your Instagram account.

However, Meta is working on a solution to allow users to delete one without the other. While this feature's release date is still unknown, it's something that users are eagerly awaiting.

5. Branded Content Tools

While the rules around paid promotions on Threads are still in flux, we can expect to see branded content tools in the future, at least according to Axios. This addition will allow marketers to get involved with paid promotions on the app, even as traditional advertising remains off-limits.

Threads vs. Twitter: Let Battle Commence

As the rivalry between Threads and X (Twitter) intensifies, these new additions would improve the former's position as a compelling text-based alternative to the latter. Each feature will move the Threads app forward, enhancing user experience and functionality.

Key Takeaways

  • We know of at least five new features coming to Threads. These being hashtags, multi-account switching, the ability to edit posts, the ability to delete your Threads account without also deleting your Instagram account, and branded content tools.
  • When combined, these should make Threads more compelling to use. Which will hopefully help improve the low engagement rates seen since launch.