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anxious woman on the floor with hands clutching her chest 1
6 Audio Journaling Apps to Make Your Welfare Journaling Easier

If you often feel overwhelmed or out of touch with your emotions, try these audio-journaling apps to help get your thoughts in order.

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7 Things We Love About the Wellness Coach App

Wellness Coach offers a well-rounded approach to tracking and improving your physical, mental, and sleep health. Here's why we love it.

apple watch golf apps 1
The 7 Best Apple Watch Apps for Golfers

Hit the course and improve your game with these great Apple Watch golf apps.

senior woman looking at smartwatch on wrist 1
9 Ways Wearable Tech Can Be Beneficial for Seniors

Smartwatches, smart rings, and other wearable tech offer quite a few health and wellness benefits for people as they get older. See how they can help.

Man using MyFitnessPal on his Apple Watch 1
How to Use MyFitnessPal on Your Apple Watch

Learn how to set up and use MyFitnessPal on your Apple Watch for more accurate health tracking, and leave your iPhone behind while you work out.

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9 Ways to Use the Headspace App Beyond Meditation

Headspace is widely known as a meditation app, but there's much more to it, from sleep soundscapes to workout content.

Fitbit Charge 6 1
Fitbit Charge 6 vs. Charge 5: What's Changed and Should You Upgrade?

The Fitbit Charge 6 introduces a few new features and an important design tweak. Does that make it worth the upgrade?

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How to Set Up Your iPhone's Mental Health Tracker on iOS 17

Learn how to set up, customize, and use the mental well-being features of the Health app on your iPhone.

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How to Track Your Menstrual Cycle on Your Apple Watch

Learn how to set up and use the Cycle Tracking app on watchOS 6 and later to log symptoms, view cycle predictions, and more.

People Looking at a Phone After a Workout  1
Use These AI-Powered Fitness Apps to Get in Shape

AI is making fitness apps more powerful, smarter, and more personalized to individual users' needs. Here are the apps to try.

Happy family playing board game at home, happiness concept 1
The 7 Best Family Bonding Apps

Have fun, learn new things, and connect with each other through these apps and games designed for families.

woman checking physique in mirror 1
Should You Buy a Lululemon Mirror in 2023?

With Lululemon ending hardware sales of the Mirror in 2023, here's what you should know if you're considering buying this smart home workout device.

Woman in a field of flowers 1
10 Ways to Achieve Your Digital Detox Goals

Learn the best ways to start and keep up a digital detox, from customizing apps and notifications to telling your friends and family.

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The 7 Best AI Fitness Apps That Will Push Your Limits

AI is supercharging fitness apps with the ability to personalize workout plans to your needs—these apps are like professional trainers in your pocket.

running-tools 1
5 Running Websites and Apps to Help You Train for a Half-Marathon

If you're training to run a half-marathon, these websites and tools will help you get started and stay on track.

search-medic-online 1
The Dangers Of Searching for Medical Information Online

Searching online for medical information to diagnose or treat yourself or someone you know can prove costlier than you think. Here's why...

reddit logo on a trash can 1
Are You Addicted to Reddit? How to Overcome That Addiction

If you feel that you're addicted to Reddit, here's how to curb your usage or quit the app completely.

mental health spelled with tiles next to small plant 1
The 8 Best Mobile Apps for Mental Wellness Courses

Embark on complete mental health courses and emotional well-being programs with these iOS and Android apps.

woman suffering from abdominal cramps and pain 1
8 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Manage and Track IBS

Monitor and learn about IBS symptoms, find recipes and meal inspiration, and better manage IBS with these apps.

close up shot of fitbit watch on wrist  1
Is the Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor Accurate?

Discover how accurate Fitbit's heart rate sensor is, how the device tracks your heart rate, and how you can improve its accuracy.

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