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MacBook Air showing a cookie on the screen 1
How to Enable Cookies in Any Mac Browser

Is your browser blocking cookies when you don't want it to?

Arrows pointing at Windows logo with Clean and Safe checkmarks 1
The 10 Safest Free Software Download Sites for Windows

Try these trusted resources next time you need to grab a free app for Windows.

inside of car dealership from underneath car 1
The 7 Best Online Tools for Car Buyers

Buying a new car is a big decision, but the internet remains the best way to figure out your new ride.

close up shot of row of mercedes cars in lot  1
How Trustworthy Are Online Car Dealers?

Car dealers are supposedly scared stiff of this epic figure who can’t be fooled, bullied or tricked.

What Was Omegle? And Why Did It Shut Down?

Say goodbye to one of the most popular ways to chat with strangers on the internet.

Man typing on laptop with email symbols 1
Received an Email From Maureen Hinckley? It’s a Scam

Got a message from The Maureen Hinckley Foundation? She's a real millionaire, but that's not a real email...

Screenshot of a person editing a photo 1
The 7 Best Free Online AI Photo Editors

Leave tedious manual adjustments behind by embracing AI-assisted photo editing.

engineer managing azure resources from the terminal 1
What Is Microsoft Azure? A Beginner’s Guide to the Cloud Service

Want to try out cloud computing? Give Microsoft Azure a try with this guide.

Computer screen displaying a  1
Google's "Unusual Traffic" Error: What It Means and How to Fix It

Google might show that its systems "have detected unusual traffic" from your device. Does this mean you're infected with malware? Not necessarily...

Laptop with Norton Renewal Email screen 1
What Is the Norton Subscription Renewal Email Scam? How to Avoid It

Have you received an email supposedly from Norton telling you that your subscription is about to renew? It might be a scam.

Person in front of Mac using Safari 1
How to Add, View, and Manage Favorites in Safari on a Mac

If you visit the same sites all the time, follow these tips to set up Favorites in Safari on your Mac.

Page in comic book 1
5 AI Tools to Help You Create Simple Comics

Want to try your hand at creating comics but don't have the required skills? These AI tools will do the heavy lifting for you.

laptop on table  1
How to Fix Facebook Games Not Loading in Google Chrome

Are your Facebook games not working on Chrome? Check out these troubleshooting tips.

mosaic of crypto logos with crypto logo background 1
How to Set Up and Use the Opera Crypto Wallet

Looking for a browser-based crypto wallet? Opera's Crypto Wallet could be what you're looking for.

man using gptzero on his laptop 1
What Is GPTZero? How to Use It to Detect AI-Generated Text

As the need to detect AI-generated text increases, tools like GPTZero become more important, but can you trust their analysis of AI-generated text?

Amazon delivery box 1
How to View and Print Your Amazon Receipts

It only takes a moment, and you'll have a copy of the Amazon receipt for your personal records.

Gravatar logo 1
What Is Gravatar? How to Use It

It's one of the easiest ways to maintain an identity around the web, but how do you use it?

A Macbook with an opened website 1
How to Create a Decentralized Website

Decentralized websites are becoming more commonplace as Web3 gains popularity. Here's how to create a decentralized site.

woman in black workout outfit stretching on exercise mat 1
The 7 Best AI Fitness Apps That Will Push Your Limits

AI is supercharging fitness apps with the ability to personalize workout plans to your needs—these apps are like professional trainers in your pocket.

mouse clicking a chrome canary icon above a blank browser window 1
What Is Google Chrome Canary?

While you might be familiar with Google Chrome, what about the lesser-known Chrome Canary? Here's everything you need to know about the browser.

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