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Smart Home

Don’t be a slave to life: automate everything! We’ll show you how to convert your ordinary house into a home of the future.

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Google Nest Hub on white Table 1
How to Factory Reset Your Google Nest Hub

Need a fresh start for your Google Nest Hub? Learn how to easily factory reset your device and restore it to its default settings.

A Family in Their Kitchen With Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Vacuum 1
image of amazon echo speaker with flashing yellow light on desk 1
How to Disable the Yellow Flashing Light on Your Amazon Echo Device

Is your Amazon Echo device flashing a yellow light? Here's how to disable that irritating yellow light once and for all.

aqara-camera-e1 1
Aqara's Camera E1 Boasts Impressive Specs and Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video

This inexpensive indoor camera works with all major smart home platforms.

Apple Home App Router Settings Displayed on an iPhone Next to an Amplifi Alien Router 1
How to Manage Your HomeKit Router in the Apple Home App

Want to take control of your smart home's security settings? Learn how to manage your HomeKit router in the Apple Home app.

amazon echo show 8 main 1
Amazon Echo Show 8 Third Generation Review: Better Audio, Faster Performance

The Alexa-powered speaker with touchscreen looks and sounds better than ever.

smart-mirror 1
The 8 Best Raspberry Pi Smart Magic Mirror Projects

These Raspberry Pi smart mirrors can tell you the time, date, weather, and more. Learn how to build a magic mirror cheaply.

Smart robot vacuum cleaner 1
5 Times Smart Home Technology Went Terribly Wrong

These smart home fails show us some of the unexpected disadvantages of using IoT devices.

Apple Home App Temperature Automation Displayed on an iPhone Next to an ecobee Thermostat 1
How to Create Temperature and Humidity Automation in the Apple Home App

Learn how to better tailor your home climate with the power of automation.

white alexa speaker with blue active light  1
How to Add a Voice PIN to Your Amazon Echo

Find out why you should enable the security feature for any Alexa-powered smart speaker.

erueka j20 vacuum cleaning mess on floor 1
white alexa echo dot with blue listening light active 1
How to Modify Alexa to Only Respond to Your Voice

See how you can make your Echo device more secure with a few changes to Alexa.

Smart Home Living Room image 1
How Matter 1.2 Makes the Dream of a Complete Smart Home Possible

The new version of the standard is a big step forward toward a fully interoperable smart home.

image of residential street with central house blurred  1
What Are Ring's Privacy Zones?

Find out more about the privacy-oriented feature for your Ring doorbell camera.

spooky amazon alexa skills 1
15 Spooky Alexa Skills to Use This Halloween

Get into the holiday spirit with these great Alexa skills for all ages.

ring doorbell with apple homekit symbol on bell button 1
Does Ring Work With Apple HomeKit?

While there is no native support to bring Ring and HomeKit together, we'll show you some alternative options.

apple tv troubleshooting tips 1
9 Common Apple TV Issues and How to Fix Them

Having problems with your Apple TV? We'll walk you through a number of troubleshooting tips.

senior woman looking at smartwatch on wrist 1
9 Ways Wearable Tech Can Be Beneficial for Seniors

Smartwatches, smart rings, and other wearable tech offer quite a few health and wellness benefits for people as they get older. See how they can help.

Fitbit Charge 6 1
Fitbit Charge 6 vs. Charge 5: What's Changed and Should You Upgrade?

The Fitbit Charge 6 introduces a few new features and an important design tweak. Does that make it worth the upgrade?

chromecast-issues 1
Chromecast Buffering and Stuttering? 7 Tips to Fix Choppy Streams

Do your Chromecast streams buffer and stutter? Try these tips and tricks to resolve Chromecast choppy playback.

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