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For everyone from expert programmers to those new to coding. You’ll find everything from introductory guides to Python and SQL, to expert CSS and VB.Net code examples.

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10 Basic Programming Principles Every Programmer Must Know

Your code should be clear and easy to maintain. Here are several other programming principles to help you clean up your act.

A Raspberry Pi 4 1
Adding an ADC to Your Raspberry Pi: What You Need to Know

Start measuring the world around you with this practical and comprehensive project.

A Python logo on the left and a database represented by a cylinder shape with lines at intervals on the right.  1
How to Create a Registration App With Python and a Database

Build this app to learn about creating a database table and populating it with data.

A block of minified JavaScript code with its syntax highlighted in different colors. 1
XML vs. JSON vs. YAML: How Do They Differ?

What do these data-centric languages look like, and how can you use them?

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8 Signs You Aren't Meant to Be a Programmer

Not everyone is cut out to be a programmer. Is coding right for you? Here are some signs to point you in the right direction.

An illustration of a person seated comfortably on a modern chair, engrossed in using their smartphone 1
How to Implement Infinite Scroll in a Web Application

Learn about the principles and practicalities of infinite scroll.

Node.js and DynamoDB logo on a blurred coding screen background 1
Using AWS DynamoDB in a Node.js Application

Build this sample app to discover just how easy databases can be.

A laptop on a desk showing a page of code on a dark background 1
How to Install the Java JDK in Windows 11

JDK is a development environment required to build Java applications. Learn how to install and run the JDK on Windows 11

Laptop display with code on the screen and a pen holder with pens on the side. 1
How to Implement Infinite Scrolling and Pagination With Next.js and TanStack Query

Use these techniques to create usable interfaces for navigating data sets.

OpenAI logo blended with code editor 1
6 Best ChatGPT Extensions for VS Code

You don’t need to leave VS Code to use ChatGPT. Make use of these extensions to leverage the power of ChatGPT right in your VS Code editor.

Person Using Macbook Pro 1
How to Automate Outlook Emails With Python

Integrate Outlook with your Python applications to programmatically create, compose, and send emails.

VPS Hosting ScalaHosting 1
5 Heroku Alternatives for Free Full Stack Hosting

Heroku’s cloud offering isn't free anymore, but there are still good alternatives if you’re looking to migrate.

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What Is REST API and How Can You Grab Data for Your App or Website?

If you're looking for an explanation of what a REST API is, and how you can use it, you're in the right place.

GitHub Desktop running on a MacBook 1
Passkeys: How to Log In to GitHub Without a Password

Get a faster, easier, and more secure login with this modern password replacement.

Vector illustration showing layers of web pages stacked, with the topmost layer having a prominent wireframe design on top. 1
How to Build a Sticky Header With CSS

This effective and powerful technique is a lot easier to achieve than you might expect.

Two metal fence panels joined by a chain with a large gap between them. In the gap is a green Node.js logo. 1
How to Read and Write JSON Files in Node.js

JSON is a very common data format, so it’s important to learn all about these common operations.

A three-by-three grid illustration of nine monitors, each displaying a colorful wireframe representation of a website 1
7 Websites to Practice Data Structure & Algorithm Coding Challenges

Prepare for your interview with these excellent resources. They’ll help you learn, practice your skills, and test your knowledge of a tricky subject.

CSS code snippet showing on a computer screen. 1
Sass vs. SCSS: Choosing the Right CSS Preprocessor

The differences between these two syntaxes are subtle, so make sure you understand them before making the choice.

Two people looking at a laptop screen, one pointing at it with their other hand on the keyboard. 1
How to Reuse Logic in Vue.js With Composables

Composables are a simple upgrade to mixins that you should start using with your Vue 3 apps right away.

A vertical line separating two icons. On the left side is an icon representing a finger touching a screen. On the right side, an arrow icon represents a mouse pointer clicking on the screen. 1
How to Use Pointer Events in JavaScript

Why cater only to mouse input or touchscreens? Handle both types with the same amount of effort using pointer events.

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