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Get more out of your iPhone or iPad. We'll show you what iOS and iPadOS are really capable of, plus provide app recommendations and cool tricks. AirPods and Apple Watch are covered, too!

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person holding iphone and engaged in video call 1
How to Use Hand Gestures to Trigger Reactions in FaceTime Video Calls

Learn how to invoke 3D augmented reality effects with hand gestures in FaceTime and third-party video calling apps.

Space Gray Magic Keyboard 1
How to Turn On and Connect Your Apple Magic Keyboard

Whether you use a Mac or an iPad, here's how to power up and connect Apple's Magic Keyboards.

black iphone pro with white charging cable 1
Which Cable and Power Adapter Does My iPhone Need?

Wondering what cable and power adapter you need to use to charge your iPhone? Here's a simple guide to explain exactly what you need to know.

person browsing photos on an iPhone 1
How to Organize Your Photos on iPhone

Looking to improve your photo organization on iPhone? Here are the best ways to manage your iPhone pictures without much hassle.

road map with google maps logos spread around in different locations 1
7 Advanced Google Maps Features That Make It a Travel Power Tool

Google Maps gets you from A-to-B, but it can do so much more than that.

Telegram, Signal logos on blue background  1
Most Telegram and Signal Mods Are Spyware, and This Is How You Spot Them

Telegram and Signal mod apps are a security issue just waiting to happen.

person using FaceTime on their iPhone 1
Where Do FaceTime Photos Go? How to Find Your FaceTime Photos

Learn how to enable Live Photos in FaceTime, plus where FaceTime photos go and how to fix them if they aren’t working.

iPhone showing iMessage icon with exclamation point in it. 1
How to Fix "iMessage Not Delivered" on Your iPhone

Seeing an "iMessage not delivered" error? Here are some essential tips and fixes for when iMessages won't deliver your messages.

close up shot of purple iphone 1
7 Apple Security Breaches, Hacks, and Flaws You Didn't Know About

Think Apple is always safe and secure? Think again.

driver using GPS app on their phone 1
How to Set Waze to Remind You When to Leave for Appointments

Waze can remind you when it's time to be on your way.

best apple watch complications  1
The 14 Best Apple Watch Complications Worth Using

Here are the best Apple Watch complications to add glanceable information to your Apple Watch face.

A woman using a MacBook with profiles on the screen 1
How to Get Apple's Student Discount

Students can qualify for some pretty hefty discounts on Apple products like a new iPad or Mac.

person using Safari on an iPhone 1
How to Remove "Frequently Visited" on Safari (iPhone and Mac)

Safari's "Frequently Visited" section brings convenience at the cost of your privacy. So, here's how to remove it and keep your top sites private.

two apple watches mid air 1
Apple Watch Series 9 vs. Series 8: Which Is Right for You?

The Apple Watch Series 9 is newer, but does that mean it's worth the extra cost?

person sending an iMessage on their iPhone 1
How to Stop Sharing Read Receipts for Texts on an iPhone

Read receipts don't have to make you feel obligated to respond.

Google Photos featured 1
7 Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Google Photos

Need to reduce the amount of space you're using in Google Photos? Here are ways to reclaim storage space.

iPhone and Pixel with respective messaging apps open 1
What RCS Messaging Coming to iPhones Means for You

Apple plans to improve the messaging experience between iOS and Android devices.

iPhone showing options to remove Safari app 1
How to Delete Safari From Your iPhone

Safari is one of those apps that can't be permanently removed, but that doesn't mean you're out of options.

Contact Posters in iOS 17 1
Contact Poster Not Working on iPhone? Try These 3 Fixes

Is your fancy Contact Poster not showing up on your friend's iPhone? Here's what you need to do.

apple watch ultra 2 showing compass with waypoints and backtrack 1
How to Use Backtrack on Apple Watch to Retrace Your Steps

Backtrack lets you retrace your steps using just your Apple Watch, even with no internet connection. Here's how to set up and use this handy feature.

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