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Developer options enabled on an Android phone. 1
Is It Safe to Enable Android Developer Options?

The hidden Developer Options menu gives you more control over your Android device, but weigh the pros and cons before enabling it.

The dock and searchbar on a Google Pixel phone. 1
How to Install Google's Weather App on Your Android Device

Google's Weather app is not available on the Play Store, but you can still install it from the Google app. Here's how.

Samsung phone next to Galaxy Buds and Watch 1
How to Use Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare Feature to Wirelessly Charge Other Devices

Did you know your Galaxy phone is capable of charging other phones and accessories? We'll show you how.

road map with google maps logos spread around in different locations 1
7 Advanced Google Maps Features That Make It a Travel Power Tool

Google Maps gets you from A-to-B, but it can do so much more than that.

Telegram, Signal logos on blue background  1
Most Telegram and Signal Mods Are Spyware, and This Is How You Spot Them

Telegram and Signal mod apps are a security issue just waiting to happen.

driver using GPS app on their phone 1
How to Set Waze to Remind You When to Leave for Appointments

Waze can remind you when it's time to be on your way.

An android phone placed on top of a keyboard 1
Cybercriminals Are Targeting App Beta-Testing, and This Is What to Look Out For

Beta testing can be a rewarding experience—until you get scammed by a fake app.

Typing on a smartphone keyboard 1
How to Detect a Keylogger on Your Smartphone

Keyloggers can reveal your every move, but there are ways to spot them before the damage is done.

Android phone on a table 1
4 Methods to Identify and Block App Tracking on Android

Most apps track your activity these days, but that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it.

record-voice-android 1
4 Ways to Record Audio on Your Android Device

You have multiple ways to record both your voice as well as your device's audio on Android.

a Samsung Galaxy Watch on a desk 1
How Does a Samsung Galaxy Watch Measure Your Stress?

Ever wondered how your Samsung smartwatch monitors your stress levels? Here's everything you need to know.

Google Photos featured 1
7 Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Google Photos

Need to reduce the amount of space you're using in Google Photos? Here are ways to reclaim storage space.

WhatsApp logo 1
Google Is Ending Unlimited WhatsApp Backups, but You Do Have Options

Google no longer wants to store all your WhatsApp chats for free. So, what are your options?

group of 3d androids 1
Do You Still Need to Root Your Android Phone?

Is rooting worth the trouble when Android phones are now so good?

Hand holding phone with WhatsApp logo 1
How to Add Multiple Accounts to WhatsApp

You're no longer limited to only one account on the WhatsApp app.

hands holding samsung galaxy 1
How to Fix the "Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code" Error on Android

Getting an error every time you enter an MMI code? Here's what you can do to fix it.

ChatGPT running on an iPhone 14 Pro 1
7 Better Alternatives to OpenAI's ChatGPT Mobile App

These AI chatbot apps will do a better job than OpenAI's official ChatGPT mobile app.

Person using samsung phone to take selfie 1
How to Set Up Flash Notifications on Your Android Phone

Need a visual cue when you get a notification on your phone? Let us introduce you to flash notifications.

person sleeping next with a phone and clock on the nightstand 1
How to Set Up and Use a Vibrate-Only Alarm on Android

Don't want to wake up to an obnoxiously loud alarm? A vibrate-only alarm might be the solution.

Android phone on a MacBook 1
8 Powerful Apps for Continuity Between Android and Mac

Have a Mac and an Android phone? These apps let you connect them for a universal clipboard, file management, and more.

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