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Whether you game on PC or console, we’ll explain how to get more out of the hardware that powers your hobby, the ins and outs of gaming culture, and much more.

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steam games troubleshooting windows 1
5 Ways to Stop Steam Web Helper From Using All Your RAM

Solve memory issues with Steam by managing the RAM.

A PlayStation 5 with two controllers 1
Thinking of Buying a PS5? 6 Things to Consider First

Think these factors through before spending your money on Sony's latest console.

PC streaming Minecraft to tablet with Steam Link 1
How to Unsubscribe From Minecraft Realms and Download Your Worlds

You can stop your subscription while still backing up your worlds for future use.

Counter-Strike 2 running on a Mac 1
How to Play Counter-Strike 2 on Your Mac

Although Macs aren't officially supported, you can still enjoy Counter Strike 2 with a workaround.

A photograph of someone playing a Nintendo Switch in handheld mode  1
How to Play Nintendo Switch Games on Your Mac

Your Mac can double as a Nintendo Switch if you want it to.

A man holding a card and making a payment on Steam on a MacBook 1
How to Fund Your Steam Wallet and Buy Games

Adding money to your Steam wallet lets you store funds which you can then use on games.

Valorant with audio spectrum in the middle 1
What Is HRTF in Valorant and Should You Use It?

You can decide if this setting will improve your gameplay by testing it out.

A White and Blue DualSense Controller on Black Background 1
How to Set Up and Use an Assist Controller on the PS5

An assist controller is essentially a helping hand for PS5 gaming.

person playing roblox on an iPhone 1
How to Fix the Roblox Low Memory Warning on Your iPhone

Does a low memory warning interrupt your Roblox gameplay occasionally? Here are your options to get it resolved.

Intel Arc Limited Edition GPU 1
What Is Intel Stream Assist and How Does It Make Game Streaming Better?

You'll no longer have to choose between in-game graphics and streaming.

Gaming rig setup 1
The Best 144Hz Monitors for Gaming

To get the most from your gaming setup, you'll want to invest in one of the best 144Hz monitors available right now.

Asphalt 9 Legends on PC 1
Google Play Games on PC: What Is It and How Do You Get It?

A new Android emulator has arrived that lets you play mobile games on your PC.

keyboard angled straight gaming position 1
How the Right Gaming Gear Can Help You "Get Good"

Having the wrong gaming gear can hamper your performance.

andaseat chairs next to two desks and computers 1
AndaSeat's 'Cheat Codes': A Limited-Time Event

This post is sponsored by AndaSeat.

person playing a game on a smartphone  1
11 Fun Mobile Games to Play When You Have No Internet or Data

Here are the best mobile games that don't need an internet connection, allowing you to save your mobile data.

A photograph of an Xbox Series X console in front of a green screen 1
Disc Stuck in Your Xbox Series X? How to Manually Eject It

A stuck disc inside any console can be quite worrying, but with an Xbox Series X, you can rely on a hidden feature to retrieve your discs.

A photograph of a white Xbox Wireless Controller under a bright pink light  1
What Xbox’s “Unauthorized” Third-Party Controller Ban Means for Players

With unofficial third-party devices banned on Xbox, you'll need to know how you are affected and whether you can use your third-party accessories.

person using Steam Link on an iPhone 1
How to Play Steam Games on Android or iPhone Using Steam Link

The Steam Link app lets you stream PC games directly to your smartphone. Here's how to use it.

A close up photograph of the power button for an Xbox Series X console  1
How to Set Up 4K Gaming on Your Xbox Series X

With the correct setup and an Xbox Series X, you can guarantee you reach native 4K whenever you game on your console.

A Nintendo Switch in handheld mode showing the Fortnite logo 1
The 9 Best Free-to-Play Games for the Nintendo Switch

You don't have to pay to have fun. Here are some of the best free-to-play Nintendo Switch games you can play right now.

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