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network attached storaged with four drives on table 1
DIY NAS vs. Pre-Built NAS: Which Is Best?

Got some spare PC parts laying around? You could build a NAS. But is it a better option than buying one pre-built?

Doorbell being pushed by a finger 1
Build a DIY Smart Doorbell for Home Assistant With Push Notifications

With a couple of ESP8266 microcontroller boards, you can build a smart wireless doorbell that works with your Home Assistant smart home setup.

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
8 Raspberry Pi 5 Accessories to Unleash the Power of Your Pi

Your Raspberry Pi 5 can do so much; all you have to do is unlock its powers.

Open AI website homepage on a laptop 1
How to Troubleshoot Your Broken PC With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is incredibly useful, but can it guide you through a PC fix?

awesome-uses-raspi 1
20 Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects Anyone Can Do

Which Raspberry Pi project should you start with? Here's our roundup of the best Raspberry Pi uses and projects around!

Raspberry Pi 3B+ board 1
How to Overclock the Raspberry Pi 3

Turbocharge your old Raspberry Pi 3 or 3B+ single-board computer by overclocking its CPU to unleash its full power.

Beautiful white llama 1
How to Download and Install Llama 2 Locally

You can use Meta's Llama 2 online, but you can customize and personalize the experience if you install it on your local machine.

Raspberry Pi board 1
How to Run VMs on Raspberry Pi Using Proxmox

Create and manage virtual machines on your Raspberry Pi with Proxmox. Here’s how to install it.

best led strips 1
Why Do Dimmable LEDs Flicker and Flash?

The flickering and flashing from an LED can be very distracting, but there are ways to fix this issue.

Raspberry Pi 4 USB and Ethernet ports 1
How to Connect a Raspberry Pi to a PC or Laptop Using USB

By using USB gadget mode, you can access and control your Raspberry Pi system from a PC connected via USB.

Steam Deck mainboard shield removed to reveal the SOC and SSD 1
How to Install an SSD on Your Steam Deck

Elevate your Steam Deck gaming experience with a lightning-speed SSD upgrade!

Raspberry Pi 400 opened to show main PCB 1
Everything You Need to Know About Overclocking a Raspberry Pi 400

You can make your Raspberry Pi 400 run faster by overclocking the CPU. Here’s how to do it.

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
Raspberry Pi 5 vs. Orange Pi 5: Which SBC Is Right for You?

The new Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer is a vast improvement on the Pi 4, but how does it compare with the Orange Pi 5?

A photograph of a retro gaming controller under pink and green lights  1
Batocera vs. RetroPie: Which Is Better for Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming?

Two of the best platforms for retro gaming on Raspberry Pi computers go head to head in a "Final Fight".

An illustration of fake ChatGPT logos 1
How to Use ChatGPT for 3D Printing

ChatGPT can help you to create and fix G-code and STL files for 3D printing, and even generate simple 3D models. Let’s explore what it can do.

Inside of computer closeup 1
How to Set Custom XMP Profiles and Overclock Your RAM

Did you know you can adjust XMP settings to squeeze more performance from your system memory?

Mouse looking at a smartphone with mouse shown on screen 1
8 DIY Traps for Common Household Pests

Want to get rid of household pests humanely without a lot of expense? Try building one of these DIY electronic traps.

Raspberry Pi 4 1
How to Install and Run the Arduino IDE on a Raspberry Pi

If you’re familiar with the Arduino IDE programming environment, you may want to also use it on a Raspberry Pi. Here’s how to install and run it.

A black and white mechanical keyboard 1
Custom vs. Pre-Built: Which Mechanical Keyboard Should You Buy?

Custom mechanical keyboards give you so many options, but an off-the-shelf pre-built is often more than enough for most users.

Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 5 1
Raspberry Pi 4 vs. Raspberry Pi 5: 14 Key Differences

The new Raspberry Pi 5 has just arrived, but how does it compare with the Pi 4? Let's see how the two SBCs measure up head to head.

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