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From photography to graphic design and music production, this is where you’ll find tips, software, and tutorials related to the creative arts.

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3D Image of YouTube Play Button Logo 1
How to Use the YouTube Audio Library to Add Sounds to Your Videos

Looking for free music and sounds to add to your videos? YouTube's audio library has you covered.

Rotoscope Animation text next to a graphic of a man breakdancing and the Procreate app icon. 1
How to Create a Rotoscope Animation Using Procreate

Turn any real video into an animated masterpiece.

A digital render of a brain on a glowing purple background 1
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

Use ChatGPT to its full potential with these creative ideas.

Audio mixing console in a music studio 1
How to Master a Song: A Guide for Beginners

After making the perfect mixdown, you're not done yet. Transform your track into a release-ready masterpiece.

Two Fireworks Graphics on Black Background 1
How to Change the Color of an Element in Canva

Navigate the color spectrum in Canva like an artist.

close up shot of chatgpt homepage on computer screen 1
8 Custom GPTs You Can Start Using Right Now

You can now create custom GPTs for nearly any situation, but with so much potential, where do you begin?

Person taking photos at night  1
7 Camera Settings for Low-Light Photography

Low-light photography poses several challenges, but you can adjust your camera settings to capture better pictures.

man boosting volume on computers 1
7 Different Ways to Change the Audio Volume in Logic Pro

Wield varied methods to change the volume of your audio in Logic Pro.

Figma FigJam AI Homepage on a MacBook 1
FigJam's New AI Features (and How to Use Them)

Level up your brainstorming sessions with FigJam's powerful new AI-powered features.

photo of a woman typing on a computer 1
How to Edit Your Photos Using the VSCO Studio Desktop App

VSCO has a photo editing app for your computer. Here's how to use it and make better adjustments.

AlgoLaser Delta 22W Smart Laser Engraver 1
Logic Pro mastering assistant plugin interface  2 1
How to Use Mastering Assistant in Logic Pro X

Need to get your music out there fast? Try Logic Pro's automatic Mastering Assistant.

Person Producing Music on Computer 1
3 New Features You Should Try in Logic Pro 10.8

Propel your soundscapes to new heights with Logic Pro 10.8's innovative features.

photo of a nikon camera next to the owner  1
How to Adjust Your In-Camera Settings for Better Photo Colors

You can easily change your in-camera settings to get better colors in your photos. Here's how to do that.

Video Editing Software On Laptop 1
How to Export Your Videos in DaVinci Resolve

Harness the full spectrum of options when exporting your videos in DaVinci Resolve.

Image showing the Lightroom logo on a Mac 1
How to View, Create, and Delete Photo Versions in Lightroom

Using photo Versions (or Snapshots) in Lightroom can help you gain more control over the editing process. Here's how to create, view, and delete them.

Three phone wallpapers made using DALL-E 1
How to Create a Phone Wallpaper Using DALL-E

Looking for a way to use your DALL-E creations? Why not try your hand at making beautiful wallpapers custom fit for your phone.

Home Decor and Surface Pattern Designs in Frames on a Wall 1
12 Helpful Tips for Aspiring Surface Pattern Designers

The surface is your playground; design it with confidence and flair.

Cables connecting multiple pieces of music production equipment 1
4 Practices That Can Help You Produce Better Music

Elevate your music production skills with these indispensable basics.

large red and white YouTube logo icon 1
How to Get a Community Guidelines Warning Removed From Your YouTube Account

A warning stays on your account forever unless you resolve it with YouTube.

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