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Tomisin Olujinmi-Staff Writer for DIY

Tomisin Olujinmi

Staff Writer for DIY

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About Tomisin Olujinmi

Tomisin is a staff writer at MUO with a penchant for breaking down complex topics into easily digestible bits. He first started writing reviews of phones and gadgets in 2016 and loves reading spec sheets and tinkering with new technology.

Currently, he writes about DIY tech for MakeUseOf and looks forward to expanding his horizons.

Latest Articles

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
Switching to Raspberry Pi 5 From an Older Model? 5 Drawbacks You Should Know About

The Raspberry Pi brings some great upgrades, but there are some notable downsides, too.

WhatsApp app icon on an iPhone 1
What Does It Mean When WhatsApp Has One Checkmark?

When you see only one checkmark or tick on a WhatsApp message, what does it mean?

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
8 Raspberry Pi 5 Accessories to Unleash the Power of Your Pi

Your Raspberry Pi 5 can do so much; all you have to do is unlock its powers.

digital graphic of phishing hook, dollars, and alert icons surrounding computer screen 1
9 Ways to Identify a Phishing Website

Phishing websites are worryingly popular, so it pays to know how to spot them.

An Android user holding a phone in the hand sending a Telegram message 1
How to Block Stories on Telegram for Fewer Distractions

If you're not a fan of Telegram's stories feature, there are ways you can block it.

A man holding a smartphone displaying the WhatsApp logo on the screen 1
How to Download and Send New Stickers on WhatsApp

If you want to add more fun to your WhatsApp chats, you can download and send stickers.

samsung galaxy charger 1
What Is Protect Battery on Samsung Phones, and Should You Use It?

Samsung Galaxy phones have a feature that can extend the lifespan of your battery. But is it a good idea to turn it on?

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
Raspberry Pi 5 vs. Orange Pi 5: Which SBC Is Right for You?

The new Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer is a vast improvement on the Pi 4, but how does it compare with the Orange Pi 5?

A photograph of a retro gaming controller under pink and green lights  1
Batocera vs. RetroPie: Which Is Better for Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming?

Two of the best platforms for retro gaming on Raspberry Pi computers go head to head in a "Final Fight".

Raspberry Pi OS logo with Raspberry Pi board background 1
The 11 Best Raspberry Pi Operating Systems for Different Uses

You don’t have to stick to the official Raspberry Pi OS on your single-board computer. There are lots of OS options for different use cases.

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
6 Reasons Your Retro Gaming Project Needs a Raspberry Pi 5

WIth improved processing power and a bunch of hardware upgrades, the Raspberry Pi 5 will be the best model yet for retro gaming.

USB Hub adapter with a white USB cord connected to it 1
USB4 vs. USB 3: 7 Key Differences Explained

USB4 is the latest and greatest for USB technology, but how does it compare to USB 3?

Lego minifig and Raspberry Pi 1
5 Reasons Raspberry Pi SBCs Could Be Overkill for Your Project

Do you really need a Raspberry Pi single-board computer for your next electronics project? Here are the aspects to consider.

A photograph of various retro gaming consoles arranged next to each other  1
The 6 Best Single-Board Computers for Retro Gaming

Retro games emulation is a popular use for SBCs, but which model should you choose? Here are the best options.

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W 1
7 Reasons to Buy the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Small and powerful, yet power efficient, the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W single-board computer offers a lot of possibilities.

Raspberry Pi 4 board on dark background 1
How to Read Your Raspberry Pi's LEDs and Troubleshoot Boot Issues

The status LEDs on a Raspberry Pi computer indicate what's going on and can help you troubleshoot power and boot issues.

Various USB connectors 1
8 Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a USB Cable

While most USB cables look the same on the shelf, there are heaps of considerations to make before buying.

USB-C Connector 1
USB-C Data Transfer Speeds: How Fast Can It Go?

Everyone loves USB-C; it's the best universal connector. But just how fast can it transfer data, and what are its limitations?

Raspberry Pi in Rubicon weatherproof case 1
6 Steps to Prepare Your Raspberry Pi for the Outdoors

Taking a Raspberry Pi outdoors opens up a host of project possibilities, but you need to ensure it’s protected from the elements and other hazards.

Small orange and silver robot sitting on carpeted floor with a laptop in front of it. 1
6 Amazing Raspberry Pi AI Projects

Bring your artificial intelligence ideas to life with a Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

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