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About Tayo Sogbesan

Tayo Sogbesan is a professional writer with over 3 years of experience writing, editing, and optimizing web content. She's been a lover of the technology scene for the better part of the last decade. As such, Tayo has owned, used, and explored the depths of Windows and macOS devices for about 5 years. Tayo is currently a Windows section writer at MakeUseOf, and looks forward to exploring the nuances of the tech space. If she’s not typing away on her computer, she is probably catching up on The Office.

Latest Articles

 Laptop & gadgets on a table 1
Choosing the Best Website Builder: Google Sites vs. Wix

Picking which website builder to use can be tricky, as each has different strengths. To help you decide which to use, we compare Google Sites and Wix.

Man listening to music on a laptop 1
The 7 Best Music Players for Lossless Audio on Windows 10

Play your songs the way they were meant to be heard with a lossless audio player for Windows.

A group of people trying to fix a CPU 1
How to Use Windows 10's Recovery Environment for File and System Repair

Got a PC problem? Get it fixed again with the Windows 10 Recovery Environment.

a person working on a black laptop 1
Explore Your System’s Health and Performance With the Windows 10 Diagnostics Data Viewer

What's slowing down your PC? Find out in a flash using the Windows 10 Diagnostic Data Viewer.

confused man sitting in front of a PC 1
How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Storage Spaces

If Windows 10 has alerted you over something called "storage spaces," this is what it means and how to fix it.

A computer being shown through eyeglasses 1
How to Fix Common Windows 10 Telemetry Issues

Windows 10's telemetry service can cause problems on your PC, but fixing said issues is easier than you may think.

Person’s hands holding up sticky notes with text written on them 1
Mastering the Built-in Task Scheduler in Windows 10: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to use Windows' built-in Task Scheduler to automate tasks and speed up your workflow.

Woman using a desktop computer 1
How to Fix Too Many Background Processes Running on a Windows PC

Is your PC slowing to a crawl? Don't buy one just yet; here's how to clean up the background processes on a Windows PC.

The Windows user login screen on a laptop 1
How to Activate or Deactivate Fast User Switching on Windows 10

Swap between users at a rapid pace with Fast User Switching on Windows 10.

Three people in a meeting 1
Microsoft Teams vs. Google Chat: Which Is the Best Platform for Team Collaboration?

Microsoft Teams and Google Chat are two of the most popular collaboration tools. But which one's best for your team?

USB Hub adapter with a white USB cord connected to it 1
How to Download, Update, and Troubleshoot USB Drivers on Windows 10

When was the last time you updated your USB devices' drivers? Here's how to do it on Windows 10

Blue cords connected to Ethernet ports 1
How to Reset the Winsock Catalog in Windows 10

Is your Winsock catalog acting strange? Here's how to reset it, plus some extra tricks to try if that doesn't work.

A cabling system with numerous network cables 1
How to Resolve Windows 10 Network Stack Issues

Follow this guide to fix network stack problems on Windows 10 and get your connection back on track.

Close-up picture of a Laptop’s USB ports 1
A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving USB Device Recognition Issues in Windows 10

If your Windows 10 machine struggles to make out which USB device you just plugged in, here are all the ways to fix it.

Happy Woman sitting in front of a laptop 1
How to Fix the Windows 0x8007007E Error Code

Get rid of error code 0x8007007E with this guide for Windows.

Woman at a desk looking at a laptop 1
Choosing the Right Blogging Platform: Medium vs. Blogger

Looking to pick a platform for blogging? It can be hard to know which is best. So, we're comparing Medium and Blogger to help you pick.

A snippet of html and css code on a screen 1
How to Customize Checkboxes and Radio Buttons With CSS

Use our tips to style these common input elements and find out what you need to consider when doing so.

Mail icon on a screen  1
How to Create Email Newsletters With HTML: Best Design Practices

Learn how to make awesome email newsletters using HTML. Follow these design tips for crafting engaging and eye-catching emails.

A PC with code displaying on its screen 1
How to Use IRQ and I/O Addresses to Resolve Conflicts on Windows 10

Take the headache out of fixing conflicts with this guide for Windows 10.

Person using a Dell PC to code 1
How to Resolve Device Conflicts Using Device Manager in Windows 10

Are your peripherals not getting along? Identify and fix device conflicts on Windows 10 with our guide.

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