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Tashreef Shareef-Staff Writer for Windows

Tashreef Shareef

Staff Writer for Windows

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About Tashreef Shareef

Tashreef is a developer and works as a technical writer at MUO. With a bachelor's degree in Computer Applications, he has over 7 years of experience and covers Microsoft Windows and everything around it. When not looking for a missing semicolon or churning out text, you can find him trying FPS titles or looking for new animated shows and movies.

Latest Articles

wooden thermometer with red line showing temperature 1
The Best Weather Apps for Windows 10 & 11

Don't get caught in the rain with these weather apps for Windows 10 and 11.

remove printer windows 11 10 1
How to Force Delete or Uninstall a Printer in Windows 10 & 11

Delete unnecessary printers from your Windows PC when they overstay their welcome.

wifi not working windows 11 1
How to Fix a Missing Wi-Fi Option in Windows 11

You can't connect to the internet when Windows 11's Wi-Fi option goes missing, but there are ways to get it back.

Windows 11 Tablet on Surface with the Task Manager App Open 1
What Is YourPhone.exe (Phone Link) in Windows 11/10? Should You Disable It?

Sometimes, you may need to disable or delete this legitimate Microsoft app.

clean-your-computer-using-command-prompt-2 1
How to Clean Your Windows PC Using the Command Prompt

Clean out the junk on your PC using these fast Command Prompt utilities.

A 2-in-1 Windows computer on a surface with Command Prompt Open 1
How to Change NAT Type on Windows 11/10

Changing your NAT Type to Open can help with online gaming, server set ups, and device discovery, among other things.

disable enable defender firewall smartscreen 1
How to Enable or Disable the SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10 & 11

Toggle Windows' SmartScreen filter on and off in a few clicks.

disable hyper v windows 11 1
How to Disable or Remove Hyper-V in Windows 11

When Hyper-V gets in the way of third-party virtualization applications, disable it on Windows 11 using these tips.

remove system requirement not met watermark windows 11 1
How to Remove the "System Requirements Not Met" Watermark in Windows 11

Use two easy workarounds to remove the annoying watermark that appears when installing Windows 11 on an unsupported PC.

change user profile folder name windows 11 1
How to Change the User Profile Folder Name in Windows 11

If you're stuck with a crummy user profile folder name on Windows 11, there are ways to change it to your liking.

Create Microsoft Copilot desktop shortcut in Windows 11 1
How to Create a Copilot Desktop Shortcut in Windows 11

With a handy desktop shortcut, simplify access to Microsoft's AI assistant, Copilot.

create windows 11 bootable USB drive  1
3 Ways to Create a Windows 11 Bootable USB Drive

A Windows 11 bootable USB drive is always good to have around, even if it's just for emergencies. Here's how to make one.

laptop placed on a table with a transparent mute speaker icon next to it 1
How to Fix the "No Audio Output Device Is Installed" Error on Windows

If Windows is having trouble finding where to output its audio, try these tricks and get the "no audio output device is Installed

vivetool use it windows 1
What Is ViVeTool? How to Use It to Enable Unreleased Features on Windows

ViVeTool is a fantastic way to add more features to Windows with very little effort.

fix not recognized as internal external command cmd 1
5 Ways to Fix the "Not Recognized as an Internal or External Command" Error in Windows

The Command Prompt is a handy way to perform specific tasks, but sometimes it doesn't recognize what you want from it. Here's how to fix that.

how to use dism commands 1
How to Use DISM Commands to Repair Windows 11 System Images

The DISM tool is an excellent way to fix computer problems, but it can be a little tricky to use. Here's how to use it.

man talking on phone 1
Android Phone Not Receiving Calls? Here Are 10 Fixes to Try

There are lots of reasons why your Android phone doesn't receive incoming calls. Here are 10 possible solutions to help fix the problem.

Featured image - Windows 11 laptop and a black wireless headphone on a platform 1
How to Turn Off the Volume Change "Ding" Sound in Windows

Get rid of the little "ding" sound that plays when adjusting your Windows audio with this guide.

A woman holding a cyan blue Android phone. 1
9 Ways to Fix the "Emergency Calls Only" Error on Android

Not able to make or receive calls on your Android phone? Here's how to solve the "Emergency Calls Only" problem.

windows 11 insider program join 1
What Is the Windows 11 Insider Program and How Do You Join It?

Want all the latest patches for Windows 11 before anyone else? Here's how, plus some things to consider before joining the Insider program.

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