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About Ronil Thakkar

Ronil is a Computer Engineer by education and a Consumer Technology Writer by choice. He has been writing about consumer electronics for around three years. Over the course of his professional career, Ronil's work has appeared on reputable outlets such as 91Mobiles, FossBytes, and Greenbot.?

Latest Articles

a man typing on keyboard 1
How to Disable Inline Predictive Text on Your Mac

Are you getting annoying typing suggestions on your Mac? It's easy to disable it.

A lady using Apple Music on an iPhone  1
How to Fix Low Volume Issues in Apple Music

Is the volume too low for you? Here's how to fix Apple Music audio issues on your iPhone.

Android phone and Google TV 1
How to Use Your iPhone as a Remote for Android TV

Tired of using your Android TV's remote? Here's how you can start using your iPhone to control it instead.

An image of Amazon Echo Dot 1
How to Find Your iPhone Using Amazon Alexa

See how your Echo and Alexa can save the day and help you track down a misplaced iPhone.

A man using the Contacts app on an iPhone 1
How to Merge or Delete Duplicate iPhone Contacts

Cleaning up your iPhone contacts can be quite a chore. Here are three methods that make it less of a pain.

person using the webcam on a MacBook for video calling 1
6 Potential Fixes When Your MacBook's Camera Is Not Working

Can't access your MacBook's camera while using a certain app? Perhaps you get a "there is no connected camera" error message? Here's what you can do.

An image of a lady holding a phone 1
How to Clear the Apple Music Cache on Desktop and Mobile

Having issues with Apple Music? Delete the cache to help the app run smoothly again.

Shared Passwords and Passkeys feature being displayed on an iPhone 1
How to Share Passwords With Family and Friends on Your iPhone

Apple lets you share your account passwords with a bunch of trustworthy people in a group using your iPhone. We'll walk you through the process.

Apple StandBy Mode Float Clock Face 1
4 Ways to Fix StandBy Not Working on Your iPhone

Having trouble getting iOS 17's StandBy feature to work? Incorrect settings, improper placement, or bugs could be the reason, but we're here to help.

An iPhone on top of a MacBook 1
Safari Not Loading Images on Your iPhone? 9 Ways to Fix It

Browsing in Safari can be frustrating when images aren't loading up. But instead of panicking, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve it.

iPhone 14 Pro Control Center on iOS 17 1
Control Center Not Working on Your iPhone? 8 Fixes to Try

Incorrect settings, buggy firmware, and cheap screen protectors can prevent you from accessing your iPhone's Control Center. Here's what you can do.

A lady holding an iPhone 1
8 Ways to Fix iPhone Not Sending Pictures to Android in the Messages App

Unable to send images to an Android user in your iPhone's Messages app? Follow this troubleshooting guide.

Dirty iPhone Speaker  1
How to Clean Your Dirty iPhone Speakers

Are your iPhone's speaker grilles dirty? Perhaps it has accumulated dirt and grime over time? We'll help you clean it.

user receiving OTP code on an iPhone 1
How to Automatically Delete OTP Verification and 2FA Codes From Your iPhone

Your iPhone can automatically find and remove verification codes in Messages and Mail apps after you've used them.

An iPhone resting on a MacBook 1
How to Find the MAC Address for Your iPhone

Want to know the MAC address assigned to your iPhone? Here's what you need to do.

A man holding an iPhone in his hand 1
How to Add Safari to Your iPhone Home Screen

Want to have easy access to Safari the moment you unlock your iPhone? Here's how to add it (back) to your Home Screen.

A software update being installed on an iPhone 1
How to Delete iOS Update Files From Your iPhone

What's the point of keeping an iOS update file if you don't plan to install it? Remove it and free up storage space on your iPhone instead.

A man holding an iPhone while on a FaceTime video call 1
How to Schedule a FaceTime Call on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Ever wanted to schedule an important FaceTime call ahead of time? Take advantage of this built-in workaround.

A lady holding an iPhone while it's locked 1
11+ Secret iPhone Codes You Need to Try

Type USSD codes on your iPhone to access hidden cellular features quickly. Here, we'll list some of the most useful ones.

A person using an iPhone to take a photo 1
Transform Your Old iPhone Into a Security Camera With These 6 Apps

Instead of giving away your old iPhone or putting it away in the drawer, install one of these security camera apps to monitor your home with it.

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