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Richard Adejumola-Staff Writer for Security

Richard Adejumola

Staff Writer for Security

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About Richard Adejumola

Richard has a certificate in Journalism from the Aileen Getty Institute of Citizen Journalism. He has been writing technical content for the web since 2017. When he's not writing, Richard reads literature or plays basketball.

Latest Articles

photo of computer showing windows 11 screensaver 1
What Is Windows 11 S Mode, and Should You Use It?

Windows 11 S Mode gives you a more secure system, but is it worth it for your use case?

v for vendetta mask looking at flower 1
How to Protect Yourself From These 8 Social Engineering Attacks

What social engineering techniques would a hacker use and how would you protect yourself from them? Let's take a look at some of the most common methods of attack.

Photo of a Patient Monitor 1
Cyberattacks on Healthcare: How They Happen and What You Can Do to Protect Your Data

Medical institutions are a big target for hackers. Here's why, and what you can do to help protect your personal data.

Photo of the MSG Sphere with the Moon on Display 1
Hacking the Las Vegas MSG Sphere: Is It Possible?

The world is watching the MSG Sphere on the Las Vegas Strip, but could hackers have their eyes on the giant globe too? How might it be hacked?

Photo of a Computer Workstation in a Dark Room 1
What Is Kerberoasting, and Should You Be Worried About It?

Kerberos tickets verify the identities of users and servers. But hackers are also exploiting this system to find out sensitive information about you.

Symbols on a Qwerty Keyboard 1
How to Switch From LastPass to iCloud Password Manager

Looking to move your password vault from LastPass to Apple's iCloud security feature? Here's the process of switching password managers. url today's deals 1
Common Amazon Scams That Happen on and After Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a big day for scammers, who find rich pickings in unsuspecting targets.

Toilet Paper Roll on Ceramic Plate 1
What Is Deception Technology and How Does It Work?

If you know an attack is coming, why not leave a decoy?

Group of Sports Player in Blue Kneeling on Field 1
What Is Blue Teaming and How Does It Improve Cybersecurity?

Numerous teams work to combat cyberattacks within a network—one of which is a blue team. So what do they actually do?

preparing for a hockey match 1
What Is Red Teaming and How Does It Improve Cybersecurity?

Not all hackers are bad news! Red team hackers will try to gain entry to your data, but for altruistic purposes...

Photo Of Woman Holding Mug In Front of Computer 1
The Hacking Business Model: How Attackers Bag $20 Million Per Month

Hackers are bad news, but how do they actually make money? Here are a few ways you could be targeted by cybercriminals.

Person Using Macbook Drinking Coffee 1
What Are Browser Modifiers and Should You Be Worried About Them?

Has your browsing experience changed? Is your homepage different? Are you bombarded with pop-ups? You could be a victim of a browser modifier.

Laptop screen displaying a pirate flag 1
What Is the Difference Between a Worm, a Trojan, and a Virus?

You might have heard someone call any malicious software a "virus," but that isn't accurate. Different types of malware function in distinct ways.

iPhone with a grid of social media pictures and huge exclamation mark on screen 1
Can You Get Malware on an iPhone? Here's How to Check

You might be wondering if iPhones can get viruses. Here's how to scan for malware and how to remove a virus from your iPhone.

Selective Focus Photography of Motherboard 1
Security Chips Explained: What You Need to Know

Few of us know that our devices are fitted with security chips, so what do they actually do? How do they keep you safe?

Photo of a Red Car Parked on the Street 1
What to Do After Your Car Has Been Stolen (and What to Do if It's Recovered!)

After the initial shock, there are several key steps to take.

Blue and Yellow Phone Modules 1
What Is Hardware Hacking and Should You Be Worried?

Software is the most obvious way a hacker can target your devices, but hardware hacking can also pose a security risk.

Digital illustration shows a laptop screen with a shield and needle on it. 1
What Is a Fault Injection Attack (FIA)? Should You Be Worried?

Manufacturers use fault injections to test their products. Cybercriminals can use this method too. Here's what you need to know.

Software Engineer Standing Beside Server Racks 1
What Are Local File Intrusion (LFI) Attacks and Should You Be Worried?

If your site runs on PHP, you might be at risk of local file intrusion attacks. But how are they carried out and what can you do about them?

Photo of Windows Logo 1
What Is Windows Credential Guard, and Should You Use It?

Enterprise and Pro versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 offer Credential Guard, but what does that do, and how can you enable it?

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