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Pankil Shah-Staff Writer for Windows

Pankil Shah

Staff Writer for Windows

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About Pankil Shah

Pankil is a freelance tech writer from India who has been writing about Windows since 2021. As a long-time Windows user, he has extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the operating system and specializes in creating how-tos and troubleshooting guides. With a focus on practical advice and real-world solutions, Pankil aims to make technology accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Latest Articles

A silver Windows 11 laptop on a wooden table 1
10 Ways to Open the Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 11

Get comfortable with the quickest ways to launch the Local Group Policy Editor in Windows.

A sliver laptop on a table charging 1
7 Fixes When Your Windows Laptop Won’t Charge Through USB-C

Pinpoint the hardware or software issues behind a Windows laptop not charging through the USB-C port.

A silver laptop with recycle bin icon on the screen 1
How to Fix a Recycle Bin Corrupted Error on Windows 10 & 11

A corrupted Recycle Bin means you can't recover or delete files permanently.

A silver Windows laptop on a black surface 1
How to Remove the Home Page From the Settings App in Windows 11

You can hide the Home page in the Settings app and get back to a more classical look in Windows 11.

A Windows laptop on a wooden table 1
How to Disable Copilot on Windows 11

Sick of Windows 11's Copilot feature? Get rid of it once and for all with this guide.

A silver laptop on a plain white surface 1
How to Reduce the Size of Your Excel Spreadsheet

You may need to reduce an Excel spreadsheet size to send it to others, and this guide will help you do that.

Bluetooth tethering option shown on a phone screen 1
How to Share Internet With Bluetooth Tethering Between Two Android Devices

Need to quickly share your internet connection with another Android phone? Bluetooth tethering is a good way to do it. Here's how to set it up.

Someone typing on their laptop 1
3 Ways to View the Applied Group Policies on Windows

Which group policies are active on your Windows PC right now? Here's how to find out.

A black laptop and a monitor on a wooden table 1
What to Do if Windows Laptop Lags After Connecting to an External Monitor

A second monitor is a good productivity booster... until it lags your entire system. Try these fixes when that happens.

a youngster typing on a keyboard 1
How to Fix Backward Typing on Windows

Is your typing going from right to left? Here's how to fix that on Windows.

Man in Gray Sweater Working on a laptop 1
How to Record Audio on Windows 11

Record through your microphone or grab your computer's audio on Windows 11.

A brown circuit on a silver laptop 1
What to Do if the Ethernet Keeps Disconnecting on Windows 10 & 11

Ethernet is usually more stable than a Wi-Fi connection, but that doesn't mean it never fails.

A Black Windows Laptop Running iCloud 1
Can’t Download or Install iCloud on Windows? Try These Fixes

Get iCloud working on Windows again using this guide.

Laptop With a OneDrive Logo on White Wooden Table 1
How to Fix OneDrive’s "Cloud File Provider Is Not Running" Error on Windows

OneDrive is a handy cloud storage tool on Windows, but sometimes it needs help getting the cloud file provider running.

purchasing call of duty cold war for pc 1
How to Fix Steam's "Files Failed to Validate and Will Be Reacquired" Error

Is Steam not verifying your files properly on your Windows PC? Here are some workarounds for this error.

A laptop on a gray round table 1
Can’t Upload Files in Google Chrome for Windows? Try These Fixes

Get back up uploading files in Chrome for Windows with these fixes.

Windows Laptop on a Kitchen Table 1
What to Do if the Lock Screen Timeout Stops Working on Windows

Get your PC locking itself again with this Windows guide.

A group of people discussing 1
9 Ways to Fix Microsoft PowerPoint Not Printing Correctly on Windows

Get PowerPoint printing properly again on Windows with this guide.

A computer hard disk on a black surface 1
4 Ways to Delete a Drive Partition on Windows

Not using a drive partition anymore? Free up some space by deleting it on Windows.

Side view image of a woman holding a stylus while typing on her laptop 1
How to Change File Types on Windows

Get your files in the right format with these Windows tips.

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