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About Mihir Patkar

Mihir Patkar has been writing on technology and productivity for over 14 years at some of the top media publications across the world. He has an academic background in journalism.

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The 8 Best Raspberry Pi Smart Magic Mirror Projects

These Raspberry Pi smart mirrors can tell you the time, date, weather, and more. Learn how to build a magic mirror cheaply.

ai-book-recommendation-sites-chatgpt-featured 1
5 AI-Powered Book Recommendation Sites and Apps to Find Your Next Read

These AI-powered book recommendation engines take your detailed prompts or deduce your preferred tastes to suggest the perfect page-turner for you.

woman lying in bed, alarm clock on table with evil face 1
The 6 Best Alarm Clock Apps That'll Force You Out of Bed

Love the snooze button too much? Use one of these alarm clock apps that guarantee you'll wake up on time, no matter how heavily you sleep!

ai-chatgpt-murder-mystery-online-games-play-detective-featured 1
4 AI-Powered Online Murder Mystery Puzzles and Games to Play Detective

AI can generate murder mysteries on a daily basis or even let you interrogate suspects with ChatGPT to unravel who the killer is.

best-google-search-results-extensions-addons-featured 1
5 Browser Extensions to Improve the Google Search Results Page

From removing sponsored links and unwanted websites to adding AI-generated responses, these add-ons enhance Google search results.

5 Chrome New Tab Wellness Extensions to Boost Mental Health and Relieve Stress

These Chrome extensions replace the New tab with wellness tools for meditation, breathwork, journaling, mood tracking, stretching, and affirmations.

two people doing a CrossFit workout together in a gym 1
5 Social Workout Apps to Exercise With Friends and Meet Fitness Goals Together

These social fitness apps make it easier to exercise as a team, or while competing against each other, so you meet your workout goals together.

5 Guided Journaling Apps for Beginners to Get Prompts for a Self-Care Diary

These guided journaling apps will issue new daily prompts and ideas that inspire you to write a diary entry.

6 Free, No-Signup Checklist Makers to Share and Collaborate Quickly

These free list makers don't need you to register or download anything and let anyone with the link edit or modify the list.

5 Helpful Habit Tracking Apps Based on Different Productivity Principles

Track your habits by choosing an app that aligns with your productivity techniques.

Hand holding a Google Pixel smartphone  1
How to Get the Stock Android Experience on Any Phone

You can get the stock Android experience on almost any Android phone with these apps, including a Pixel-style launcher and more.

a girl listening to music using headphones 1
6 Free Music Generators to Make Your Own Music and Songs

These free online music generators can help you compose tunes with your own creativity or with the help of AI.

The 5 Best Sites to Find Pen Pals Worldwide and Make New Friends

Whether messaging online to learn a new language or sending postcards through snail mail, these sites will help you find a new pen pal.

5 Unexpected Sites to Get Royalty-Free Images, Audio and Video That Stand Out

These sites give copyright-free material that not many others know about, which would get you noticed more.

5 Free AI Sites That Use ChatGPT to Generate Custom Online Courses

These websites use the power of GPT-4 to create a guided online course on any topic you ask, often complete with quizzes, tests, and exercises.

Robot figurine in front of a laptop 1
7 Amazing ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for Better AI Prompts and Answers in Browsers

These amazing ChatGPT extensions make the AI easier and better to use in modern browsers, increasing its uses and scenarios

A woman taking a selfie on her smartphone 1
6 Tips to Make a Great Profile Picture for More Likes and Followers

Creating a great profile picture will make it easier for people to decide whether they want to follow you. Here are some tips to stand out.

5 Sites to Understand Cognitive Biases and Make Better Decisions

These sites and tools help you understand the cognitive biases that affect your critical thinking.

The 5 Most Convenient Ways to Share Files or Text Between Nearby Phones and PCs

These apps make sharing data between phones and PCs more convenient and easy. than ever before, and are completely free to use.

5 ChatGPT Therapist Bots and AI Apps to Relieve Mental Health Problems

Can AI actually help you with mental health and well-being? Can it even act as a therapist? These intelligent chat bots sure think so.

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