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Mary Gathoni

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About Mary Gathoni

Mary writes for the programming section and has been doing so for the past two years. Her educational background is in Computer Science and Physics.

Latest Articles

Screenshot of the Notion homepage on top of a gradient background 1
How to Use Notion as a Developer

Need a versatile tool to organize your development workflow? Here's how Notion can elevate your productivity and streamline your coding projects.

Person typing on a keyboard 1
How to Improve Search Performance in React With Debouncing

Avoid overloading the server with unnecessary search function calls and optimize your app performance using this technique.

Clear mannequin on blue background 1
7 ChatGPT Alternatives for Coding Programs Automatically

ChatGPT is not the only AI tool to help you code. Take your coding productivity to the next level using these tools.

Black screen with React code 1
Lifting State Up: How React Child Components Communicate With Parents

React's isolation of component code creates a robust system but, sometimes, you need to bend the rules.

Close up shot of copy buttons 1
How to Add Copy to Clipboard Feature to Your React App

Learn how to incorporate this useful feature into your React app using the Clipboard API and the react-copy-to-clipboard library.

Bionic hand and human hand finger pointing 1
How Developers Feel AI Will Impact Their Workflow

AI has significantly influenced numerous professions, and developers are no exception. But what are developers' thoughts on this technology?

A close-up of somebody’s hand holding a pen and a mouse 1
How to Detect Clicks Outside a React Component Using a Custom Hook

Most web apps respond to click events in one way or another, and detecting exactly where the click took place is vital for your UI to function well.

Black screen with code 1
The Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks of 2023

Planning to develop projects using JavaScript? But which is the most popular JavaScript framework?

Laptop showing 404 error page 1
How to Create a 404 Page in React Using React Router

Create a custom 404 page using a simple React route to help out your visitors when they need it most.

Screenshot of apps showing notifications in the mail app. 1
How to Create a Custom Notification Component in React

You don't need to rely on a third-party package to create a notification component. Here's how you can build it on your own.

Binary values projected onto somebody’s back 1
How to Lint Python Code Using Flake8

Give your codebase a spring clean with this easy-to-use command-line tool.

Two arrows pointing in opposite directions 1
How to Create Entrance and Exit Animations for a React Component Using Framer Motion

The Framer Motion library brings a whole host of animation functionality to your React apps.

A stack of documents 1
How to Set Up Sphinx to Document Your Python Code

Make the most of your project’s docs—use Sphinx to generate attractive, comprehensive HTML documentation.

a person holding a Node.js sticker 1
How to Downgrade to a Previous Node.js Version Using NVM

Downgrading software can be every bit as challenging as upgrading it, but not with NVM. This tool makes it easy to switch your Node.js version.

A palette of different paint colors 1
7 Helpful Tips for Designing a Dark UI

A dark mode option is great for users who prefer it, but make sure you’re designing the best dark mode you can.

code on a computer screen 1
How to Set Up and Run Your First Python Test With Pytest

Setting up a test suite for your code may feel like a hurdle you’re not ready for, but this library takes a lot of the strain.

A woman typing on a mac  1
How to Document Python Code Using Docstrings

Good code includes comments to help understand it, and docstrings can play a major role in that.

Pile of books with open pages 1
An Introduction to Pagination in React Using react-paginate

Pagination is a useful technique that most data-heavy apps can benefit from. The react-paginate library helps you simplify this process.

A memory card near a laptop 1
How React’s useRef Hook Can Help You Reset an Input Field After a Successful Upload

Forms that clean up after themselves make for a better user experience. Find out how useRef can be a key player in this part of your app.

Phone on top of a thick book, both surrounded by a large metal chain 1
How to Hash and Verify a Password in Node.js With bcrypt

If you’re working with users’ passwords, you owe it to them to do so securely. The bcrypt library takes the pain out of this process.

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