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About Kegan Mooney

Kegan is an avid gamer across multiple platforms and has had a keen interest in computing from a young age, building his own rigs to expand his knowledge of technology. Although he graduated from university with a mental health nursing degree, he has followed his passion for tech and has been freelancing for 5+ years.

Latest Articles

family-friendly tablets 1
The Best Family-Friendly Tablets for Entertainment

If you need to occupy the kids while you work, or you want some down-time of your own, here are our five best tablets for all the family.

man watching tv from living room 1
How to Turn Off Motion Smoothing on Your TV

No matter what TV model you use, we'll show you how to disable the sometimes annoying feature.

wondershare uniconverter 15 1
zimaboard 1
ZimaBoard: The Poweful Server That Fits in the Palm of Your Hands

This post is sponsored by ZimaBoard.

Razer Blackwidow V4 Pro Keyboard 1
Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro: Fast and Feature-Rich

A premium gaming keyboard with more buttons and dials than you could ever use make this ideal not just for gamers but productivity, too.

Black Logitech keyboard on yellow background 1
The Best Quiet Keyboards

Want something a little quieter than the clicks and clacks of your mechanical board? Check out one of the best quiet keyboards for work and gaming.

Young Man Lying On Sofa Using Remote Control In Front Of Television 1
The Best Budget Smart TVs

The price of TVs varies wildly. You can literally be looking at thousands of dollars separating the cheapest models from the most expensive ones.

best-true-wireless-earbuds 1
The Best True Wireless Earbuds for Going Cord-Free

Looking for the best true wireless earbuds? We have great choices for every budget and user to choose from.

best ps5 accessories 1
The Best PS5 Accessories

Enjoy your PS5 in different ways by exploring the range of accessories available; from RGBs to charging docks.

best 4k monitors 1
The Best 4K Monitors

Upgrade your viewing experience and enhance productivity by investing in a stunning 4K monitor.

Skier with action camera on a helmet. Ski goggles with the reflection of snowed mountains 1
The Best Action Cameras and GoPros

Ever since GoPro launched, the action camera market has heated up. GoPro still rules, but there are many alternatives to explore.

coworking spaces 1
The 10 Best Coworking Management Software

This post is sponsored by eFlair.

ROG Ally hero image 1
The Best ASUS ROG Ally Docks

Looking to expand the connectivity options of your new ASUS handheld? Check out one of these ROG Ally docks.

smart home security 1
The Best Smart Home Security Systems

The rise of the smart home led to more affordable security systems. Now it's simple and cheap to transform a "dumb" home into a secured smart home.

Black graphics card with two fans, on a wooden table, with red and blue lighting 1
The Best Graphics Cards for Any Budget

Finding a high-performance budget GPU can be tough. We've rounded up some of the best graphics cards for any budget.

best gaming keyboards 1
The Best Gaming Keyboards

A dedicated gaming keyboard could transform your enjoyment and experience. Which is the best gaming keyboard for you?

White wi-fi router and black power cord on yellow background 1
The Best Routers for Under $100

Wi-Fi coverage doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. These routers get the job done at affordable prices.

flexispot prime day 1
amazon-fire-tablet 1
The Best Amazon Fire Tablets

If you're looking for an affordable Android tablet, Amazon's Fire range is a great place to start. But which is the best Fire tablet for you?

best quality headphones for cheap 1
The Best Budget Headphones

Owning a quality pair of headphones is essential, even when you don't have a big budget. Thankfully, there are great options that cater to both.

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