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Jowi Morales-Updates Manager | Floating Editor | Senior Writer

Jowi Morales

Updates Manager | Floating Editor | Senior Writer

About Jowi Morales

John William Morales, better known as Jowi, is a writer, a career coach, a professional photographer, and a leisure pilot.

He's been using, discovering, and exploring PCs since Windows 3.1 and has been on board the Android bandwagon since Froyo. In 2023, he also invested in an iPhone and a Mac, allowing him to cover a wide spectrum of consumer technology.

Jowi started writing part-time in 2015 and transitioned to it full-time in 2020. He also?finished a university degree with related units in journalism in 2012. But even before he received higher education, he's been known by his friends and family as the go-to person when anything computer-related requires explanation.

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Epomaker RT100 review cover photo 1
Epomaker RT100 Review: A Quiet and Comfortable Typing Experience

A great choice if you're after a premium feel, excellent sound, and great aesthetics. It has a couple of issues, though.

Google SafeSearch results on an iMac 1
How to Turn Off Google SafeSearch for Adults

Fed up with Google SafeSearch restricting search results? Here's how you can turn off the protective feature if you're an adult.

html-tags-writers 1
7?HTML Tags You Need to Know as an Online Writer or Blogger

To be marketable and flexible online, you just have to know how to format a full HTML article, or how to tweak things.

chromecast-guide 1
How to Use Chromecast: A Guide for Beginners

New to the world of Chromecast? Learn how to use Chromecast on a range of devices with this layman's walkthrough.

Canon DSLR mounted on tripod 1
4:3 vs. 16:9: Which Aspect Ratio Is Better for Photos and Videos?

4:3 and 16:9 are both mainstay photo and video aspect ratios, but which should you use?

OLD TVs for sale 1
TV Buying Guide: How to Pick the Right TV for Your Living Room

When it comes to buying a TV, there's a lot more than what's on a spec sheet. By the end of this guide, you'll know exactly how to pick the right TV.

Person working on a laptop using Google Sheets 1
6 Ways to Use Google Sheets for Data Analysis

Want to get more out of your data? Here are some powerful ways to use Google Sheets for data analysis and visualization.

otterbox symmetry case 1
OtterBox Symmetry vs. Commuter: What Are the Differences?

Find out if you should get the Symmetry or the Commuter case for your phone, in this guide to the differences between the OtterBox cases.

Ugreen Nexode RG Fast Charger cover image 1
Ugreen Nexode RG Fast Charger Review: A Cute Way to Power Your Gear

The Ugreen Nexode RG Fast Charger is a cute charging brick perfect for your desk. But will it deliver the power you need to charge your gear quickly?

No Man's Sky screenshot on a gaming pc screen 1
What Is a Procedural World in Video Games?

Procedural worlds/generation has become a fairly common term in video game discussion and design. But what exactly does it mean?

teacher conducting an online class with one student 1
How to Monetize Your Tech Skills With an Online Course

Online courses are one of many ways to monetize your expertise, and this guide will show you how to do so with your existing tech skills.

A Windows tablet PC with vector tools and gears around it 1
How to Tweak Windows Settings and App Behavior With the AlomWare Toolbox

Stop settling for Windows' stock settings and become a power user with AlomWare Toolbox.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro 1
Overview of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro: Features, Price, and Release Date

Apple has finally unveiled the long-awaited iPhone 15 lineup, and here's everything you need to know about it.

photo prints on a bed 1
A Complete Guide to Photo Paper Sizes for Printing Your Pictures

Printing your photos can help you solidify your memories, but there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

Logitech Harmony Hub, Harmony Companion remote, and Harmony Hub smart phone app 1
The 6 Best Replacements for the Logitech Harmony Hub

We're highlighting some options similar to the popular discontinued lineup from Logitech.

IFA poster Berlin 2023 1
The Best New TVs and Monitors at IFA 2023

We've seen some excellent new display technology at IFA 2023, and this is what we liked most.

UGREEN Nexode 300W Desktop Charger 01 1
UGREEN Nexode 300W GaN Desktop Charger Review: One Charger to Rule Them All

You can quickly recharge your electronic gear with the Ugreen Nexode 300W GaN Desktop Charger—but is the convenience worth the weight and bulk?

IFA 2023 laptop logos blended together 1
The Best New Laptops Shown at IFA 2023

IFA 2023 introduced a lot of powerful laptops to the world. Here are the best of the best, hand-picked by us.

Honor V Purse featured image 1
IFA 2023: Honor Launches the V Purse, the Folding Phone You Can Wear

The Honor V Purse is a unique bit of tech that's looking into the future.

Amazfit Balance custom featured image 1
Amazfit Balance Smartwatch With AI Launches at IFA 2023

The Amazfit Balance is new, looks great, and could help you get fit.

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