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Joe Brown-Staff Writer for Productivity

Joe Brown

Staff Writer for Productivity

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About Joe Brown

Joe is an experienced freelance writer specializing in productivity and personal development. He discovered his passion for digital productivity whilst studying at The University of Manchester where he also learned game development and music production. The goal of his work is to help people manage time, learn efficiently, and live a meaningful, productive life.

Latest Articles

Google open on latop on desk 1
A Complete Guide to Tab Management in Google Chrome

Struggling to keep track of your open tabs? Master the art of tab management in Google Chrome with this ultimate guide.

Part of a laptop's screen showing Gmail's dashboard 1
6 Creative Ways to Create Email Templates

Want to ditch boring email templates? Here are some creative ways to craft email templates that capture attention.

ChatGPT running on an iPhone 14 Pro 1
7 Better Alternatives to OpenAI's ChatGPT Mobile App

These AI chatbot apps will do a better job than OpenAI's official ChatGPT mobile app.

MacBook beside pink sticky notes and iPhone 1
The 7 Best Note-Taking Apps for Students

Struggling to keep up with your class notes? Here are some of the best note-taking apps to help you study better.

Sticky notes and pen besides Windows laptop 1
How to Use Windows 11's Sticky Notes on All Your Devices

Don't keep your sticky notes tied up in Windows 11. Spread them around all your devices with this guide.

Person using Windows 11 beside paper calendar 1
The 7 Best Windows 11 Widgets for Productivity

Widgets can do a lot more than tell you the news or the weather; they can even help you work better. Here are some of the best examples.

Hand reaching towards laptop with DAW open 1
How to Back Up Your Files in REAPER to Ensure You Never Lose Any Work

Safeguard your REAPER files by creating a backup folder and enabling auto save.

Dual monitor music production setup 1
How to Install VST Plugins in REAPER

Learning how to install VSTs is an essential step in mastering REAPER. Let's walk you through the process.

Man holding black smartphone 1
7 Ways to Use Social Media More Mindfully

Use these digital tools to keep your social media usage in check.

Hand reaching towards laptop on table 1
7 Apps and Tools for Staying Energized Throughout the Day

Learn which apps and digital tools can help you add energizing habits and avoid nonproductive behavior each day.

Joplin open on laptop 1
The 7 Best Distraction-Free Note-Taking Apps for Windows

Tired of note-taking apps cluttered with distracting features? Here's a handpicked selection of minimalist note-taking apps.

A computer screen showing Notion's dashboard 1
How to Create a Custom Page Template in Notion

Ready to take your Notion experience to the next level? Discover the power of custom templates in Notion.

Desktop with a laptop, montior, midi keyboard, and speakers 1
How to Get Started With REAPER: A Beginner's Guide

REAPER is a great option for newcomers in music production. Let's show you how to get started with this DAW to create high-quality tracks.

Black smartphone beside old book 1
The 7 Best Book-Writing Apps for Android

Get started on that book you always wanted to write with help from these Android apps for novelists and storytellers.

MacBook on white table beside household objects 1
The 7 Best Apps to Track Your Daily Activities

Ready to take control of your time and supercharge your productivity? Discover the transformative power of activity tracking with these apps.

a person using a windows 11 laptop 1
The 6 Best Computer Usage Tracking Apps for Windows

Where did the time go? Here's how to find out with these usage tracking apps for Windows.

woman reading books with Macbook 1
The 7 Best Apps to Have a More Productive Reading Experience

Transform your reading habits, boost your motivation, and unlock the full potential of your literary adventures with these apps.

Windows 11 laptop on white desk 1
7 Tips for Better Desktop Tab Management When Working on Windows 11

Make Windows 11 work for you with these tab management tips.

Colleagues brainstorming on laptop and tablet 1
4 Creative Ways to Brainstorm Ideas in Notion

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding creative, Notion has something to help you take your brainstorming sessions to the next level.

Finch pet character on grass field 1
The 6 Best Virtual Pet Apps for Making Mental Healthcare Fun

Mental health is just as important for your kids as it is for you, and there are several interactive ways that they can look after themselves.

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