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About Jack Slater

Jack has been a freelance tech journalist for more than a decade. He has covered Windows Vista, 7, 10, and 11 topics within a multitude of guides for MakeUseOf and numerous other websites.

Latest Articles

The Windows logo keyboard key  1
40 Years Ago: The Historic Announcement of Windows 1.0 That Changed Computers

A look back at what Windows 1.0 promised and how far we have come.

A Windows 11 laptop  1
How to Reset the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 Folders on a Windows 11 PC

Got an issue with Windows updates? Try resetting the SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders and see if it helps.

The AMD logo  1
How to Fix AMD Radeon Software Not Working on Windows

Get your AMD software back in action with this guide for Windows.

The Apple logo and iTunes text 1
How to Fix iTunes Not Working on a Windows PC

Don't ditch your iTunes library just yet. Here's how to fix iTunes not working on Windows.

An uninstaller window  1
11 Different Ways to Uninstall Software in Windows 11

When it's time to give your PC a spring clean, there are several ways you can uninstall programs from Windows 11.

A folder with comments on it  1
How to Add Folder Comments in Windows 11's File Explorer

Want more details on what a file holds? Add a comment on Windows 11 with this guide.

A laptop in a remote place 1
10 Ways to Open the Remote Desktop Connection Tool in Windows 11

The Remote Desktop Connection tool is a handy way to use another PC no matter where you are. Here's how to enable it.

Hardware and devices connected to a PC  1
How to Run a Scan to Detect Hardware Changes on Windows

If Windows is having issues detecting your hardware, performing a quick hardware scan is sometimes all you need to do.

person pressing google chrome logo on touchscreen device 1
7 Google Chrome Extensions For Faster Navigation

Want to browse the web even faster? These Chrome extensions will streamline how you navigate.

Person Using Laptop to Hack With Security Word on Top 1
10 Ways to Open the Windows Firewall Control Panel Applet in Windows 11

Windows 11's Firewall keeps your PC safe from outside threats, and there are many ways to reach it.

A person holding paper with Java text on it 1
How to Fix Java Not Installing on Windows

Java is essential for some apps, but sometimes it has issues installing on Windows. Fortunately, getting it installed takes just a few minutes.

A laptop with Windows 11 desktop wallpaper  1
How to Restore Your Desktop Icon Positions on Windows

Are your desktop icons a mess? Restore order with these third-party apps.

clock symbolizing time and date 1
How to Customize the System Tray Clock on Windows

Bored with how your Windows system clock looks? Time to give it a fresh new look with these third-party apps.

A frustrated laptop user 1
How to Fix the Volume Shadow Copy Service Not Working in Windows

Is the Volume Shadow Copy service stopping you from backing up Windows? Get it fixed with this guide and get back to normalcy in no time.

The Windows 11 desktop  1
How to Add New Submenus to Windows 11’s Desktop Context Menu

Make your Windows submenus truly yours with these handy tips and tricks.

A Windows 11 laptop  1
How to Minimize Programs to the Windows System Tray With Hotkeys

Want to put your apps into the system tray, instead of the taskbar? Windows won't let you, but there are apps that can fix that.

A Windows 10 laptop  1
How to Remove Shortcut Arrows in Windows 11 and 10

The little white arrows on shortcut icons can really mess up your aesthetic. Here's how to get rid of them.

A microphone and PC recording software 1
How to Fix OBS Studio Not Launching on Windows

Get back into streaming with this OBS Studio guide for Windows.

A waste bin  1
How to Create Shortcuts for Emptying the Windows 10 & 11 Recycle Bin

Clear up room on your PC in a flash with a special Recycle Bin emptying shortcut on Windows.

windows-11-logo 1
7 New Features the Moment 4 Update Added to Windows 11

The Moment 4 update added lots of new features to Windows 11. Many of which were thought to be arriving with 23H2. Here are the best...

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