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About George Tinari

George has been writing online about technology for 14 years spanning everything from how-tos to reviews and opinion pieces. He got his start as a teenager blogging about iPhone rumors for his high school friends and sure enough, a full-time career was born shortly thereafter. When he's not engrossed in his collection of Apple products, you can probably find him either fixing someone else's or reading about which new one to buy.

Latest Articles

iPhone silicone and FineWoven case side by side 1
Silicone vs. FineWoven: Which iPhone 15 Case Should You Buy?

Apple replaced its leather cases with a new fabric option that's just as expensive. But how does it fare against the cheaper silicone cases?

Hey Siri running on an iPhone on a white table 1
How to Revert to "Hey Siri" as Siri's Only Trigger Word on Your iPhone

Apple now lets you trigger Siri by just saying "Siri," but it's more prone to accidental activations. So, here's how to go back to "Hey Siri."

Person using iPhone to look up location 1
How to Use the Check In Feature With Friends and Family on Your iPhone

Notify your friends and family when you arrive somewhere safely with the Check In feature in your iPhone's Messages app.

Contact Posters in iOS 17 1
How to Create and Customize Contact Posters on Your iPhone

With iOS 17, Apple lets you customize how your contacts show up on your iPhone when they call you. We'll show you how to do it.

Apple Fitness+ kickboxing workout program 1
How to Set Up a Custom Workout Plan in Apple Fitness+

The Custom Plans feature in Apple Fitness+ gives you control over the types of workouts you do, their frequency, and even your preferred trainers.

Apple Maps running on three different iPhones and showing three different locations 1
How to Download Apple Maps for Offline Use on an iPhone

Apple Maps finally lets you download areas for offline use, which can be quite handy when you're in a remote location.

iPhone messages app 1
6 Hidden New Messages App Features in iOS 17

Apple has made some quality-of-life changes to the Messages app in iOS 17, alongside a couple of new features. Let's go over them one by one.

Depiction of moon phases 1
How to Take a Picture of the Moon With Your iPhone

With some camera tweaks, you can get a better shot of the moon with your iPhone. Here are some valuable tips to consider.

Picture of Motorola ROKR: The Motorola/Apple iTunes Phone on wooden surface 1
Before the iPhone, There Was the iTunes Phone

Apple's involvement with phones didn't begin with the original iPhone. Here's a look at the iTunes-branded phone that came before it.

Woman looking at iPhone out in nature with mountains and lake behind her 1
6 Potential Fixes for an iPhone Showing "SOS Only" in the Status Bar

Can't connect to a cellular network on your iPhone? Do you see "SOS Only" in the status bar? Here's what you need to do to resolve this issue.

Apple Newton MessagePad 120 1
What Was Apple Thinking When It Released the Newton 30 Years Ago?

The Newton was one of Apple's rare product failures, but why did the company think it would succeed in the first place?

Instagram showing a bridge in a forest on an iPhone 1
How to Take Instagram-Quality Photos With Your iPhone's Camera App

Do you prefer Instagram's camera over the native Camera app on your iPhone? Follow these tips to make Apple's Camera app Instagram-worthy.

A silver iPhone X with Apple Music on screen 1
How to Track New Music From Your Favorite Artists With MusicHarbor

Having trouble keeping up with your favorite artists' new songs? Use MusicHarbor, so you never miss a new project ever again.

Apple ID settings on an iPhone 1
4 Ways to Fix Grayed Out iCloud Settings on Your iPhone or iPad

Is your iPhone blocking access to your iCloud settings? We'll explain why and teach you how to fix it.

Apple Watch with a High Intensity Interval Training workout on screen 1
How to Remove Unwanted Exercise Minutes From Your iPhone and Apple Watch

Forgot to end a workout on your Apple Watch earlier? Here's how to remove those extra minutes to stay accurate with logging your goals.

An iPad and the Apple Pencil lying on a flat surface 1
4 Reasons You Should Buy an Apple Pencil for Your iPad

The Apple Pencil isn't for everyone, but here are some telltale signs that you should consider picking one up for your iPad.

Apple Watch on top of a MacBook keyboard 1
Why Is Your Lost Apple Watch Still Updating Its Location?

If you lost your Apple Watch a few days ago but Find My still shows its location, you're probably looking at inaccurate data.

White AirPods With a Red Case on a Black Background 1
A History of Apple AirPods: From Controversial Launch to Universal Triumph

Since its introduction in 2016, AirPods have slowly changed the way people listen to music. Here's a look at its history.

iPad docked with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 1
Every iPad Color Compared: Which Should You Choose?

Looking for the best iPad color? Here's a review of all the options Apple gives you.

Person holding iPhone with the Apple Music app open 1
2 Ways to Fix Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing on Your iPhone

Has Apple Music stopped showing lyrics for your favorite songs? Here are some easy ways to fix it.