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Digvijay Kumar-Staff Writer for Windows

Digvijay Kumar

Staff Writer for Windows

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About Digvijay Kumar

Digvijay is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for writing about technology topics. He's been writing since 2016 and he loves it. Aside from solving problems, he enjoys tinkering with gadgets.

Latest Articles

3D snapchat logo against yellow background 1
How to Check If Someone Unfriended You on Snapchat

There are certain signs that can tell you whether you've been unfriended on Snapchat.

An image of the Google Maps Icon in the center with a map as the background 1
How to Save a Route on Google Maps on Any Platform

Whether you're using Android, iOS, or the good old web, you can save your Google Maps route for when you need it next.

finger pointing to windows defender sign 1
How to Stop Microsoft Defender Blocking Third-Party Antivirus Software on Windows

Want to use a third-party antivirus suite? Here's how to get it past Microsoft Defender.

Big red key, in place of a keyboard's Enter key, saying  1
How to Fix the Delete Key Not Working on Windows

Repair your mistakes once more with this guide for restoring the Delete key's functionality.

logi camera watching 1
How to Fix Your Webcam Showing a Black Screen on Windows

If you're appearing as a black screen on your video calls, here's how to fix it on Windows.

Task Manager Reports Wrong CPU Usage 1
How to Fix Ntoskrnl.exe's High CPU Usage on Windows

Ntoskrnl.exe is a vital process for your Windows PC, but there are still ways to reduce how much CPU it uses up.

A woman using a Windows laptop 1
How to Start Windows File Explorer on "OneDrive" Instead of "Quick Access"

Not a fan of Quick Access? Here's how to make File Explorer open a different page on startup.

Dual monitors connected together on a table 1
Windows 11 Second Monitor Not Detected: 5 Fixes

Two monitors are better than one. Here's how to get your second monitor detected on Windows 11.

Man working on a Macbook 1
Can't Open HandBrake on Windows? Try These Fixes

Get back to sorting through your video files with these Windows-based fixes for HandBrake.

Open laptop on a table. 1
How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x800736cc

Windows Update is meant to fix errors, but sometimes it needs fixing itself. Here's how to get rid of the 0x800736cc error.

A man holds a teacup in front of a laptop 1
How to Prevent Access to the Insider Builds in Windows 11

The Windows 11 Insider builds are great testbeds for the interested, but they can be buggy. Here's how to prevent access to them.

Black Monitor and a laptop on a table 1
How to Disable the PIN When Projecting on Windows 11

If you're the only one using your PC, here's how to get rid of the PIN requirement when projecting your Windows 11 PC.

A Windows Laptop on a Wooden Table 1
How to Turn Off Tips and Suggestions Notifications on Windows 11

Sick of Windows telling you what to do? Here's how to shut off the tips and suggestions notifications on Windows 11.

A Laptop On A Desk In An Apartment 1
How to Fix Run as Administrator Not Working in Windows

Not able to run programs on your Windows computer as an administrator? Here's how to fix it.

Illustration of a bin with trash falling into it 1
How to Make Windows Automatically Empty the Recycle Bin

Make Windows take out the trash by automating your Recycle Bin.

A woman sitting on a chair and using a laptop 1
How to Fix the WinX Menu Not Working on Windows

The WinX menu, named after its Win + X keyboard shortcut, is a handy tool to have. Here's how to fix it when it's not working.

A woman using a desktop computer 1
How to Install Microsoft PowerToys on Windows 11

The standard Windows experience is not enough for power users. Here's how you can install Microsoft PowerToys for enhanced productivity.

A silver laptop on a wooden table 1
8 Ways to Check Which Intel Processor Generation You Have on Windows

Do you know what generation your Intel processor comes from? Here's how to check on Windows.

Screensaver on Windows Laptop 1
How to Stop Users From Changing the Screensaver on Windows

If you've got your screensaver set up just the way you like it, here's how to stop others from tampering with it while you're away.

person using a windows laptop 1
7 Ways to Open the AppsFolder in Windows 11

Sometimes you need access to AppsFolder for troubleshooting purposes. Here's how to find it on Windows 11.

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