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David Jaja-Software Developer | Technical Writer

David Jaja

Software Developer | Technical Writer

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About David Jaja

A front-end developer interested in developing engaging and user-centric products, as well as sharing insight on technical topics through easily comprehensible articles.

Latest Articles

An illustration of a man sitting on a chair, with a thought cloud above his head, containing a calendar. 1
Creating an Interactive Timeline With CSS and JavaScript

Using the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, and JS, you’ll have an attractive timeline up and running in no time.

An illustration of a person seated comfortably on a modern chair, engrossed in using their smartphone 1
How to Implement Infinite Scroll in a Web Application

Learn about the principles and practicalities of infinite scroll.

Vector illustration showing layers of web pages stacked, with the topmost layer having a prominent wireframe design on top. 1
How to Build a Sticky Header With CSS

This effective and powerful technique is a lot easier to achieve than you might expect.

A simple line graph on paper, showing progress from past to future, with pens and a ruler lying on top. 1
How to Build a Simple Chart With Chart.js

Add great-looking charts and graphs to your website or app in a matter of moments.

A server room containing multiple servers 1
The Impact of Server-Side Rendering on SEO and Performance

Server-side rendering offers significant benefits to your web sites and applications.

code editor open in dark mode 1
How to Create a Simple Contact Form Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn to create a simple contact form for your website with easy steps, ensuring effective communication with your audience.

Somebody holding a marker and a small paper card 1
Using CSS Grid for Magazine-Style Layouts

With a handful of styles, you can use this attractive, flexible layout for many types of page content.

code editor opened on a laptop 1
How to Lazy Load Images Using HTML and JavaScript

This technique improves web page performance by loading images only when they are visible or near the user's screen.

Code editor showing sematic html code 1
Exploring HTML5 Semantic Elements

If you missed the new semantic elements that HTML5 introduced, catch up with this primer.

code editor open in dark mode 1
How to Implement Dark Mode Using CSS and JS

Dark mode has become a popular preference, so you should look to support it on your sites and in your web apps.

Code in an IDE seen through a pair of eyeglasses 1
Mastering Unary, Binary, and Ternary Operators in JavaScript

You’ve probably used these operators in your programs already, but the devil is in the detail. Get to the bottom of operators and how they differ.

A portal illustration used to signify the nature of react portals 1
React Portals: Expand Your Toolbox Beyond Prop Drilling

React components encourage good practices but they can be too restrictive. Learn how to break the mould.

A close-up of a mobile phone being held by two hands 1
How to Implement Smooth Scrolling in JavaScript: A Guide for Web Developers

Make your same-page links slightly nicer to use with this native smooth-scrolling effect.

A code editor showing React code 1
Prop Drilling in React: Drawbacks and Alternatives

Prop drilling can be a useful trick, but you’ll need to watch out for some awkward pitfalls.

A close-up of an open laptop's screen showing an analytics interface with graphs and a map. 1
What’s New With Strapi v4.11?

The Strapi CMS is a simple but powerful app, so what more can it add? Find out how v4.11 makes this great tool even better.