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Damir Mujezinovic-Staff Writer for Security

Damir Mujezinovic

Staff Writer for Security

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About Damir Mujezinovic

Damir is a freelance writer and reporter whose work focuses on cybersecurity and online privacy. Damir has a background in content writing and digital journalism, and has written for various online publications since 2017, with his work being cited by numerous think tanks and reputable media organizations. Outside of writing, Damir enjoys reading, music, and film.

Latest Articles

person inputting emoji password on laptop 1
5 Reasons You Shouldn't Use Emojis in Your Password

Emojis are for fun, not security.

Telegram, Signal logos on blue background  1
Most Telegram and Signal Mods Are Spyware, and This Is How You Spot Them

Telegram and Signal mod apps are a security issue just waiting to happen.

Man typing on laptop with email symbols 1
Received an Email From Maureen Hinckley? It’s a Scam

Got a message from The Maureen Hinckley Foundation? She's a real millionaire, but that's not a real email...

Computer screen displaying a  1
Google's "Unusual Traffic" Error: What It Means and How to Fix It

Google might show that its systems "have detected unusual traffic" from your device. Does this mean you're infected with malware? Not necessarily...

man using smartphone with yellow warning sign pop up 1
This Outdated Technology Is Putting Your Security at Risk, Yet You Use It Every Day

SS7 is built into your daily life, but are there safe alternatives?

Smartphone illustrations on black background  1
Is Someone Mirroring Your Smartphone? Here's How to Check

Smartphone mirroring puts you and your sensitive data at risk, so it's important to be aware of the warning signs.

Seat Geek logo on black background 1
Is SeatGeek a Legit, Safe, and Trustworthy Ticket Seller?

Looking to buy event tickets from SeatGeek? First, you need to know if you can actually trust the site and whether it's legitimate.

Glowing Wi-Fi symbol on black background 1
The 5 Best Wi-Fi Analyzers to Check if a Network Is Safe

Worried about your Wi-Fi security? Looking for an IP scanner? Here are some of the best Wi-Fi analyzers for you to try out.

Router with padlock symbol  1
5 Ways to Encrypt Your Internet Traffic

How can you keep all your data secure? Encryption is the key. Here's how to take a comprehensive approach to securing your information.

Person holds smartphone with text message symbols  1
Still Using SMS? You Should Stop: Here's Why

A lot of users still default to SMS on their smartphones. But that's bad news for your security and privacy. Here's why and what you can do.

Instagram logo and eye on black background 1
Is Someone Stalking You on Instagram? Here's How to Check

There are a few signs you can look for to see if someone is closely following your activity on Instagram.

PDFelement information on blue background with phone, screen, and tablet 1
Wondershare PDFelement: AI-Powered Document Management

This post is sponsored by Wondershare.

Wave browser logo on black background 1
What Is Wave Browser? Is It a Virus?

Yes, Wave is a genuine browser, but that doesn't mean it's not malicious too. Here's what to do if you've accidentally installed this service.

Password lock symbol on dark background  1
What Is Password Entropy?

Can you measure how secure your passwords are? It all comes down to password entropy. Here's what that is and how to calculate your security.

Woman holds smartphone with laptop in background  1
What Are Overlay Attacks? How Do You Protect Against Them?

These insidious attacks revolve around manipulating User Interface elements so you add personal information to a faked service...

Threads logo on purple background 1
How to Stay Safe on Threads: 6 Tips

As with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Threads comes with many security risks. So how can you stay secure on the platform?

Threads and Twitter logos on dark background 1
Threads vs. Twitter: Which App Is Better for Your Privacy?

Threads is owned by Meta, so you might be worried about how private your data is on the platform. But is Twitter any better? Let's find you.

Threads logo on black background 1
Is Threads Safe? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, doesn't have a great track record when it comes to privacy, so is Threads private and secure enough to use?

Discord logo on purple background 1
Worried About Your Kids on Discord? Here’s What You Can Do to Keep Them Safe

What started out as a gaming platform has evolved into a thriving diverse community that kids use too. So how can you keep your children safe?

Screenshot of the Google homepage, with arrow and extension symbol  1
5 Hidden Dangers of Browser Extensions

Browser add-ons can greatly enhance your online experience, but they can also be threats to your security and privacy.

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