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Christine Romans-Staff Writer for Wellness

Christine Romans

Staff Writer for Wellness

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About Christine Romans

Christine has been writing professionally about tech since 2014. Now, with her knowledge about health, fitness, and food, she specializes in writing about wellness-related tech at MUO.

Latest Articles

YouTube Music Tablet 1
8 Simple Steps to Improve Your YouTube Music Recommendations

Get rid of irrelevant YouTube Music recommendations with these habits.

Uber logo next to an iPhone 1
How to Share Your Uber Account With Your Loved Ones

Make it easy for your friends or family members to book a ride by sharing your Uber account with them.

television screen with amazon prime video logo 1
How to Set Up and Manage Multiple Amazon Prime Video Profiles

While you can technically share one profile, multiple profiles allow for more personalization.

youtube logo on white smartphone screen 1
Sharing YouTube Premium: YouTube's Premium Family Plan Explained

YouTube Premium Family lets you share your account with multiple people in the same household

happy family members sitting on sofa together 1
How to Add or Remove Members From Your YouTube Premium Family Membership

You can select up to five people to share your YouTube Premium Family membership with.

person holding smartphone while using YouTube app 1
How to Get a Student Discount for YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is slightly cheaper for registered students.

person holding smartphone and using Uber app 1
How to Book an Uber Ride in Advance Using Uber’s Reserve Feature

Avoid the possibility of cancellations during peak hours and ensure you get a ride on time with Uber Reserve.

close-up of person holding and taping package for delivery 1
How to Send and Receive a Package Using the Uber App

Why use a traditional courier service when you can pay an Uber driver to deliver packages on your behalf?

uber driver using the map on a smartphone while driving 1
How to Book a Group Ride Using the Uber App

Share an Uber ride with your friends and save money.

child holding black smartwatch in hands 1
8 Benefits of Buying a Child-Friendly Wearable Device for Your Kids

A kid-friendly wearable can not only benefit parents but also improve children's physical activity, communication, and organizational skills.

Computer screen with Netflix logo 1
9 Useful Netflix Features You May Have Missed

Netflix has some great lesser-known features buried on the platform.

female student sitting at desk and struggling with homework 1
The 8 Best Homework Apps to Help Students Stay on Track

Get homework help from AI, fellow students, and even real tutors.

woman holding and using black smartphone 1
7 Things We Love About the Wellness Coach App

Wellness Coach offers a well-rounded approach to tracking and improving your physical, mental, and sleep health. Here's why we love it.

senior woman looking at smartwatch on wrist 1
9 Ways Wearable Tech Can Be Beneficial for Seniors

Smartwatches, smart rings, and other wearable tech offer quite a few health and wellness benefits for people as they get older. See how they can help.

smiling woman using smartphone 1
9 Ways to Use the Headspace App Beyond Meditation

Headspace is widely known as a meditation app, but there's much more to it, from sleep soundscapes to workout content.

woman in black workout outfit stretching on exercise mat 1
The 7 Best AI Fitness Apps That Will Push Your Limits

AI is supercharging fitness apps with the ability to personalize workout plans to your needs—these apps are like professional trainers in your pocket.

mental health spelled with tiles next to small plant 1
The 8 Best Mobile Apps for Mental Wellness Courses

Embark on complete mental health courses and emotional well-being programs with these iOS and Android apps.

woman suffering from abdominal cramps and pain 1
8 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Manage and Track IBS

Monitor and learn about IBS symptoms, find recipes and meal inspiration, and better manage IBS with these apps.

elderly man using smartphone while lying on sofa 1
The 8 Best Mental Health Apps for Seniors

Promote healthy aging by continuing to care for your mental health and sharpness with these mobile apps.

young woman using laptop while sitting at kitchen table 1
The 9 Best Websites for Practicing Digital Minimalism

Reduce your screen time and declutter your digital life by embracing minimalism in your technology use with these online tools.

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