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Christian Zibreg- Apple Expert and Technical Writer

Christian Zibreg

Apple Expert and Technical Writer

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About Christian Zibreg

Christian joined MakeUseOf in 2021 as an Apple specialist and technical writer focused on helping people solve technical issues and achieve more with technology. His works were also published by reputable outlets like 9to5Mac, 9to5Google,?iDownloadBlog, and?Tom's Guide.

Christian is one of the original tech bloggers with 20+ years of journalism experience. He studied Information Science specializing in Expert Systems and Management Information Systems back in the 1990s.

During his graduation year, Christian contributed to a weekly enterprise-focused magazine and started a faculty e-zine distributed on floppy disks. The pet project sparked a lifelong love for writing so strongly that he dropped out and took a leap of faith in journalism.

He worked his way to become Editor-in-Chief of a gaming magazine, and started three IT periodicals covering Windows PCs, consoles and consumer tech. After a decade in print journalism, Christian founded and ran a marketing/PR agency for five years, specializing in digital marketing and interactive entertainment.

Latest Articles

person checking out on a small terminal using Apple Pay on an iPhone 1
4 Potential Drawbacks of Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay aims to replace your physical wallet, but it's not flawless.

Large printer icon on a MacBook screen 1
How to Fix the "Filter Failed" Printer Error on a Mac

Whether you have an Epson, Canon, or HP printer, here's what you should do if macOS shows a "Filter Failed" error while printing a document.

Editing desktop widgets on a Mac 1
How to Add Interactive Widgets to Your Mac's Desktop

macOS Sonoma lets you fill your desktop with widgets. Learn how to add your favorite widgets, including ones from your iPhone.

long exposure photo of traffic 1
How to Take Long Exposure Photos With an iPhone

Looking to capture light trails or motion blur with your iPhone's camera? Here are your options.

Man and Woman Eating Popcorn on Couch with Remote 1
What Is HDCP and How Can It Impact Movie Playback on Your TV?

HDCP is used to prevent piracy, but it can also interfere with your regular, legal streams.

Spooky Halloween version of the  1
How to Watch Apple’s "Scary Fast" Mac Event

Here's how to watch Apple's Mac-centric event live from anywhere.

Person wearing AirPods 1
How to Change the Notification Volume on Your AirPods

Are notifications too loud or quiet on your AirPods? We'll help you adjust the volume level the right way.

Samsung phone facedown on foliage, with a cover featuring a high voltage message on its back 1
How Does 210W Fast Charging Work & How Does It Affect Battery Life?

Do we actually need such enormously high charging speeds?

An AirPlay icon set against a subdued gradient background 1
How to Fix AirPlay When It's Not Working

Apple AirPlay is incredibly handy, but sometimes it can be quirky. So, if you're facing issues, try our helpful tips to fix AirPlay on your device.

MacBook Pro showing a folder of Adobe apps in the Dock 1
Core Sync on the Mac: What It Is and How to Remove It

Adobe is notorious for making it hard to uninstall its programs and services, and Core Sync is no exception. We'll show you how to get rid of it.

Tim Cook standing in front of iPhone 15 Pro 1
Everything Apple Announced at Its "Wonderlust" September Event

Here's a quick recap of all the products Apple showcased at its "Wonderlust" event in September 2023.

Apple logo getting charged by apps 1
What Does It Mean When an App Gets “Sherlocked” by Apple?

Several app developers have fallen victim to Apple's Sherlocking practice over the years. So, we'll uncover everything you need to know about it.

Person accessing the Launchpad on a MacBook Pro 1
How to Add, Remove, and Delay Startup Apps on a Mac

Here's how to manage startup apps on a Mac, including how to remove startup programs or delay when they launch.

Two Sets of AirPods on Top of a MacBook 1
How to Connect Two Sets of AirPods to the Same Mac

If you and a friend want to listen to something together on a Mac, you don't have to share one set of AirPods. Instead, use this workaround.

apple visionOS m1 r1 chip on device feature 1
What Is Apple's R1 Chip and How Does It Compare to M1 and M2?

Apple's new headset comes with a completely new chip.

iPhone and MacBook, both with their screen off 1
Your iPhone Won't Connect to Your Computer? Here's the Fix!

Find that your iPhone won't connect to your computer? Here'a a troubleshooting guide to get your device connecting again.

The Transfer Profile option in the Netflix menu on the web 1
How to Switch Your Netflix Profile to an Existing Account

Here's how you can transfer your profile to an existing account on Netflix so you don't lose all your data.

NameDrop feature working between two iPhones 1
5 iOS 17 Features That Require iPhone 12 or Later

Your old iPhone may support iOS 17, but that doesn't mean you'll get all its features.

MacBook Plugged in and Charging 1
5 Ways to Charge Your Laptop Without a Charger

It's frustrating when your laptop runs out and you've forgotten the charger. Try these ways to recharge your laptop without the adapter.

iOS 17 icon on iPhone screen 1
4 New iOS 17 Features You Won't Get at Launch

Apple announced several iOS 17 features at WWDC 2023, but not all of them will be available in the initial rollout.

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