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Charlotte Osborn-Staff Writer for Wellness

Charlotte Osborn

Staff Writer for Wellness

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About Charlotte Osborn

Charlotte is a freelance features writer, specializing in wellness, travel, and lifestyle. She has been writing professionally since 2014, with experience in journalism, PR, proofreading, editing, content writing, and copywriting.

Latest Articles

Apple Watch on a stand showing health data 1
How to Update Weight and Body Measurements on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch can give more accurate readings if it knows your exact height and weight. So, keep your body measurements updated.

Woman sitting on bench looking happy on her phone 1
How to Use the Happier App to Change Your Habits for the Better

Apps can be useful in a manner of different ways. And that even extends to helping you change your habits and lifestyle.

Man using MyFitnessPal on his Apple Watch 1
How to Use MyFitnessPal on Your Apple Watch

Learn how to set up and use MyFitnessPal on your Apple Watch for more accurate health tracking, and leave your iPhone behind while you work out.

Picture of Apple Watch on white background 1
How to Track Your Menstrual Cycle on Your Apple Watch

Learn how to set up and use the Cycle Tracking app on watchOS 6 and later to log symptoms, view cycle predictions, and more.

running-tools 1
5 Running Websites and Apps to Help You Train for a Half-Marathon

If you're training to run a half-marathon, these websites and tools will help you get started and stay on track.

apple watch on person's wrist showing app grid 1
How to Customize the Run Workout Screen on Your Apple Watch

Learn how to show and hide specific metrics to create your own personalized view while tracking run workouts with your Apple Watch.

bowl of red tomatoes being held by two pairs of hands 1
How to Make Healthy and Sustainable Eating Easier With Technology

Make eating healthy and sustainable foods more convenient by using handy apps and detailed online tools.

How to Connect Fitbit to Apple Health 1
How to Connect a Fitbit to Apple Health

It's not as straightforward as you might think to connect a Fitbit to Apple Health, but this guide will walk you through the process.

How to connect Fitbit to iPhone 1
How to Connect a Fitbit to an iPhone

Learning how to pair a Fitbit with your iPhone is rather simple and unlocks valuable capabilities on both devices.

Woman experience digital eye strain from extended screen time 1
Can the AOA’s Blink Land Game Help Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eye Strain?

Want a fun reminder to protect your eyes from digital strain? Blink Land is a game that's designed to teach good eye health habits.

Outlook not loading on Google Chrome frustration 1
5 Easy Fixes if Outlook Isn’t Loading in Google Chrome

Having problems accessing your emails in Chrome? If Outlook isn’t loading in your browser, follow this step-by-step guide to quickly fix the problem.

YouTube logo on a smartphone 1
Is YouTube Doing Enough to Curb Health Misinformation?

Misinformation and disinformation proliferate online. Are YouTube's ongoing changes enough to promote trustworthy health content?

How to find help online for PMDD 1
The Best Online Tools and Resources for PMDD Support

Learn how to find valuable help online and through mobile apps for managing a PMDD diagnosis and its symptoms.

How to use the Euki app for privacy 1
How to Use the Privacy-Focused Euki App for Period Tracking

The Euki app sets itself apart with a no-data-collected privacy policy. Here's how to make the most of this health resource.

Where to find Eating Disorder Support online and tools 1
The Online Resources and Apps Providing Support for Managing Eating Disorders

These online resources and mobile apps are designed to provide information, support, and tools for people managing eating disorders.

How to get fit for snowboarding 1
The 7 Best Digital Resources to Get and Stay Fit for Snowboarding

Whether you're hitting the slopes weekly or staying fit in the offseason, use these apps and online resources to make sure you're snowboard-ready.

checking out health on iphone 1
How to Identify if Your Health App Is Selling Your Private Data

Health apps store a huge amount of data about you—and some sell it on to third-parties too. How do you know if your data is secure?

A woman holding a yoga mattress and wearing fitness clothing 1
The Best Exercises That Aren't About Weight Loss for Better Long-Term Health

Focusing only on weight loss will result in you missing out on the multifaceted benefits of exercise.

How Calorie-Counting Apps Are Harming Your Health 1
How Calorie-Counting Apps Are Harming Your Health (and What to Do About It)

Counting calories, and calorie-counting apps, can become a problem if you don't use them appropriately. Here's how.

How to Track Your Period, Nutrition, and Fitness Using The FitrWoman App 1
How to Track Your Period, Nutrition, and Fitness Using the FitrWoman App

Imagine an app where you can track your period, nutrition, and fitness in one place? Well, you can with Fitr Woman.

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