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About Barry Peacock

Barry has had a passion for all things tech-related ever since he was given a Commodore Plus/4 computer as a child. Having spent most of his adult life traveling, teaching, and writing—often combining all three—Barry considers himself a "digital nomad." His current passion is travel gadgets, and he has been writing buying guides for around a year.

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best bluetooth speakers for car 1
The Best Bluetooth Speakers for Your Car in 2023

Connect your smartphone effortlessly and enjoy your favorite music and answer calls safely with these Bluetooth speakers for your car.

iphone charging in the car 1
Best iPhone Car Chargers in 2023

Top up your iPhone battery on the road with these great car chargers.

tcl x955 tv on wall in dark room 1
TCL’s Revolutionary Breakthrough in Mini LED Technology

This post is sponsored by TCL

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The Best RC Cars in 2023

Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, these RC cars should provide plenty of entertainment.

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pCloud Black Friday Deals: Your Lifetime Storage Starts Here

This post is sponsored by pCloud.

usmile toothbrush on marble plinth on sink 1
A sound engineer wearing OneOdio Fusion A70 headphones at a mixing desk. 1
OneOdio Headphones for a Black Friday Audio Upgrade

This post is sponsored by OneOdio.

DJI Mini 4 Pro and controller on a table 1
The Best Drones in 2023

Take your aerial photography and videography skills to the next level with these excellent drones.

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Dreame Big This Black Friday with Amazing Vacuum Discounts

This post is sponsored by Dreame.

OBSBOT Black Friday 1
OBSBOT Black-Friday Blowout: Save Huge on AI-Powered Webcams

This post is sponsored by OBSBOT.

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The Best iPhone Tripods of 2023

Use your iPhone to take quality videos with ease using one of these specially-designed tripods.

Gaming rig setup 1
The Best 144Hz Monitors for Gaming

To get the most from your gaming setup, you'll want to invest in one of the best 144Hz monitors available right now.

andaseat chairs next to two desks and computers 1
AndaSeat's 'Cheat Codes': A Limited-Time Event

This post is sponsored by AndaSeat.

best mini drones 1
The Best Mini Drones

Begin your flying adventure with a mini drone if you're looking for easy controls in a pocket-sized form.

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The Best Lighting Equipment for Vlogging and Photography

Besides story and audio, video lighting is one of the most important considerations when making movies or capturing photos.

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The Best Rechargeable Batteries

Save money, time, and make an effort to become more eco-friendly with the convenience of rechargeable batteries.

family-friendly tablets 1
The Best Family-Friendly Tablets for Entertainment

If you need to occupy the kids while you work, or you want some down-time of your own, here are our five best tablets for all the family.

best wireless keyboards for nomads 1
The Best Wireless Keyboards for Travel

For digital nomads and travelers, portability and convenience are key. These wireless keyboards tick both of those boxes and more.

best dj mixer 1
The Best DJ Mixers

Fancy your hand at DJing, or already a pro? Either way, a DJ mixer will help you to prepare and blend tracks together.

best digital cameras for kids 1
The Best Digital Cameras for Kids

Make sure your children have the best opportunity to capture great photos by investing in a digital camera made with kids in mind.

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