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About Ankur Thakur

Ankur has been an Apple user for more than seven years and focuses on iPhone how-tos, fixes, and tips. When not writing, he likes to watch The Office repeatedly. Ankur also loves tech videos, comedy and romantic movies, old songs, pizza, and chicken.

Latest Articles

iPhone with muted ringtone icon on the screen 1
11 Solutions for When Your iPhone Doesn’t Ring for Incoming Calls

If your iPhone doesn’t ring when you get a call or text, here are all the possible ways to fix it.

Two iPhones showing Safari bottom Search bar in iOS 15 and Search bar when moved up 1
How to Move the iPhone Safari Search Bar Back to the Top in iOS

Long-time iPhone users may not prefer Safari's bottom address bar introduced in iOS 15, but Apple offers a quick and easy solution.

iPhone placed upside down on a wooden table with flashlight turned on 1
How to Turn On the Flash for Your iPhone Camera

Want to force your iPhone to use the flash while you're taking a photo? All you need to do is hit the right toggle in the Camera app.

Two AirPods Pro and their Charging Case on a gray background 1
11 Fixes for When Your AirPods Don’t Show Up in the Find My App

The Find My app is a valuable tool in the search for missing AirPods. But if your AirPods don’t show up in it, here’s how to fix it fast.

A woman looking at a purple iPhone and taking a selfie 1
How to Stop iPhone Selfies From Flipping or Mirroring After You Take the Photo

Do your iPhone selfies look different after you take the photo compared to when you were in the Camera app? Here’s how to fix it.

App Store on a MacBook 1
How to Cancel Subscriptions on Your Mac

Keep track of your App Store subscriptions by canceling any you no longer need using your Mac.

“Hey Siri” icon on an iPhone screen 1
17 Ways to Fix “Hey Siri” Not Working on Your iPhone

Has “Hey Siri” stopped working on your iPhone? Here are all the troubleshooting steps you need to fix it.

Free Ways to Block YouTube on Kid's iPhone and iPad 1
5 Free Ways to Block YouTube on Your Kid's iPhone or iPad

Are your kids spending too long watching YouTube? Here are all the best ways to block YouTube on their iPhones or iPads.

iPhone Showing iOS Control Center 1
How to Open, Use, and Customize the Control Center on Your iPhone

Our complete guide to the iOS Control Center shows you how to tweak and interact with this handy feature.

Photo of a person texting on the iPhone Messages app 1
How to Fix No Text Message Alerts or Sounds on iPhone: 15+ Solutions

If your iPhone isn't receiving text message alerts or playing sound, consider these solutions.

How to Find Missing Apps on Your iPhone 1
iPhone App Disappeared? How to Find Missing Apps on Your iPhone

How many times have you flicked through your Home Screens and you still can't find that app? Here's how to find hidden or missing apps on your iPhone.

Backlit Apple logo on a MacBook 1
How to Type or Insert the Apple Logo (?) on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Do you need to type the Apple logo on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac? It’s easy once you know how!

Person using iPhone 1
How to Restart Any iPhone, Even if the Buttons Are Broken

Need to restart your iPhone? We'll show you exactly what to do. We'll even show you how to restart any iPhone without using the buttons.

Two iPhones showing normal Safari and Safari with background image in iOS 15 1
How to Change the Safari Background on iPhone and iPad

Add a splash of color to your web browser by choosing a background design to use with Safari on your iPhone.

Face ID unlock on an iPhone 1
Face ID Not Working or Unavailable on Your iPhone? Here Are 14 Fixes to Try

It’s easy to take Face ID for granted, unless it's not working on your iPhone. If that's the case, here's what you can do to fix it.

Man sitting infront of a MacBook with one of his hands on his forehead 1
5 Places to Find Saved Passwords on Your Mac

Let us walk you through all the different places to find saved passwords on your Mac.

Mouse pointer over the Finder icon in Mac's Dock 1
How to Change the Default Folder in Finder on a Mac

Every time you launch a new window in Finder, it goes to the Recents page. Here’s how to change that.

Mac Photos app icon on macOS Monterey wallpaper background 1
How to Delete Albums in the Photos App on a Mac

If you made too many photo albums on your Mac, it’s easy to delete them at a later date. And you won’t lose any photos by doing so.

Apple Watch on a yellow background showing the watch face 1
How to Rearrange or Delete Apple Watch Faces

Make your favorite Apple Watch faces more accessible by reorganizing them and deleting any you don’t like anymore.

Add music to Apple Watch 1
How to Download Songs to Your Apple Watch

Download music directly to your Apple Watch so you don’t need to keep your iPhone nearby to listen to it.

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