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Adaeze Uche-Staff Writer for Tech Explained & Security

Adaeze Uche

Staff Writer for Tech Explained & Security

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About Adaeze Uche

Ada is a communications graduate who writes and edits tech, cybersecurity, and crypto articles. She's written several tech pieces on websites like MEXC Blog and MakeUseOf. And when she's not working, she'll likely be burrowed into a book.?

Latest Articles

A man reaching for a stack of cookies 1
Do You Really Need to Accept All Cookies While?Browsing?

Cookie pop-ups are irritating, but you shouldn't click blindly through them to get to what you want to read.

miniature people removing broken smartphone battery from its case 1
Should You Leave Battery-Saver Mode on Constantly or Not?

Leaving battery-saver mode on helps to keep your device juiced up, but it has downsides, too.

large red and white YouTube logo icon 1
Is This the End of Ad-Free YouTube? YouTube’s New Ad-Block Rules Explained

Is your ad-blocker no longer working on YouTube? YouTube's new rules are taking down ad-blockers one by one.

An Ethereum coin placed on a computer mainboard 1
What Is Ethereum Restaking, and How Does It Work?

Ethereum staking is a way to use your crypto. But what is restaking, and what does it mean?

Selective Focus Photo of Silver and Gold Bitcoins 1
6 Ways You Can Lose Your Money Using Crypto Exchanges and How to Avoid Them

Crypto exchanges should be safe, but there are a few ways you can lose your crypto if you're not paying attention.

person using metamask wallet on smartphone feature 1
What Are MetaMask Snaps, and How Do They Work?

MetaMask Snaps will revolutionize cryptocurrency wallets, and this is how it works.

A pile of gold bitcoins sitting on top of a table 1
Staking vs. Yield Farming: What's the Difference?

They're both ways to put your crypto to use, but they have very different risk levels.

Man in white shirt analyzing a price chart displayed on a large screen 1
What Are Binary Options, and Why Should You Avoid Them?

You've likely heard of binary options, but this investment method comes with some dangerous drawbacks and pitfalls.

black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses on beach sand 1
5 Tech Gadgets You Should Carry With You During Summer

Whether you're hiking in the heat or enjoying some time at the beach, these gadgets can make your summer activities healthier.

an abstract background of orange and white cubes 1
What Is Scalability in Blockchain? A Simple Explanation

If crypto can't scale, it won't ever reach mass adoption.

Man in Black Jacket Using Macbook Pro with a blank screen 1
How the Web of Trust Service Helps You Verify Website Legitimacy

Not sure if you can trust a site? This browser extension and app can help you decide where to place your trust.

Man with silver glasses and ones and zeros over his face 1
Securing Your Identity on the Blockchain: What You Need to Know

Storing your identity on the blockchain? Here's how it works.

Woman in black jacket covering her face with her hands in frustration 1
How to Fix the “We’ll Need Your Current Windows Password” Error on Windows 10 & 11

Forgotten your Windows password, or don't even remember setting one up? Here's how to fix that.

Person using his laptop on a table with a notebook on his left and a cup of coffee on his right 1
How to Use Google Duet AI in Google Sheets

Want to automate your planning and organizing in Google Sheets? Here's how to use Google Duet AI.

man holding phone and reading news while leaning on table  1
Misinformation vs. Disinformation: What Is the Difference?

You probably see a lot of false information online, perhaps without even realizing it. But how can you discern disinformation from misinformation?

A collage of details involved in browsing displayed on top of a device help my a person 1
What Is the Web of Trust in Cryptography?

Who do you trust? Using the Web of Trust, a cryptographic authentication method, you can build a network of trustworthy keys.

stack of files on a table 1
How to Eliminate Paper Clutter and Organize Your Life Digitally

Tired of looking for important documents? Learn how to digitize your papers and organize your life digitally.

A cell phone displaying a stock chart on a red background 1
How Crypto Press Releases Impact Prices

Cryptocurrencies are infamous for their volatility, but your worst nightmare is when everyone decides to abandon ship at once.

Close-up of a Printed Photo beside an Epson Printer 1
What Is a Sublimation Printer and What Can You Do With One?

Sublimation printers produce colorful and durable designs. Discover how they work to better harness their potential for your creative projects.

OpenAI Logo on Phone Screen 1
Everything You Need to Know About OpenAI

You've likely heard of OpenAI. But where did this company start, and what does it aim to do?

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