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With the advancement of generative AI, writing emails is perhaps not a daunting task anymore. Chatbots like ChatGPT do help you draft emails, but you have to prompt the chatbot and copy and paste the content.


However, there are tools that integrate with your email platform, letting you create emails right from your inbox. Here are some top AI tools that will help you write emails in no time. These include Chrome extensions, web-based tools, and Google Workspace add-ons.

1. ChatGPT for Gmail

ChatGPT for Gmail screenshot

If you prefer to use ChatGPT, ChatGPT for Gmail is perhaps the best extension. The browser extension adds an OpenAI icon beside the Send button. Clicking it opens a dialog box that you can use to send a prompt to ChatGPT.

The tool also provides you suggestions for prompts. So, if you haven't learned to write effective prompts yet, you'll find this feature quite helpful.

Likewise, when you open any email, you'll find an OpenAI icon next to the Reply button. You can click on it and select whether you want to request information, thank the sender, decline the suggestion, and so on. Based on the original email and the response you select, ChatGPT generates the entire reply.

The tool has a free plan, which is enough in most cases. But to use it, you must have a ChatGPT account. As the name suggests, it works with Gmail only. So if you use any other email service, it isn't an option for you.

Download: ChatGPT for Gmail (Free, subscriptions available)

2. WriteMyEmail

writemyemail website screenshot

WriteMyEmail is a web-based tool that helps you write clear and concise emails. It offers various templates that help you craft a great email, reply, or follow-up.

After signing up and selecting a plan, you can access templates. These allow you to type a draft email, select style, and, in the case of replies, paste the original email. WriteMyEmail generates the email within seconds. Since it's a web-based tool, it works great even if you use desktop email clients.

The free plan offers the necessary features for personal use. However, it is restricted to 2000 words a month. The Pro plan, costing $5.50 a month, increases that limit to 200 emails.

But if you need to send cold emails or copies, the Ultimate Plan is for you. It costs around $55 but offers additional templates for creating emails and an increased limit.

3. AI Email Writer

AI email writer

AI Email Writer is one of the best AI Google Workspace add-ons that works seamlessly with Gmail. After installing the add-on, you'll see an envelope icon on the right side, which opens the tool in the sidebar.

You can then click on any email in your inbox, and AI Email Writer will help you craft a reply. To do so, it asks you to select the tone, briefly tell the tool what you want to say and select the language. The add-on not only generates the content but also opens a draft email with all the fields filled out.

Similarly, it works great for creating new emails as well. Best of all, AI Email Writer can draft emails in around 25 different languages. However, the free plan offers 10 credits only.

Download: AI Email Writer (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Addy AI

Addy AI extension screenshot

Addy AI is a helpful, intuitive extension that works seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook. Whenever you create a draft for a new email, Addy AI asks you to share the message that you want to send. It then generates the entire email, even with your signature, with a single click.

Since it lets you set the default tone, language, response length, and personalization options, you won't have to worry about these details every time you write an email.

When generating replies, it automatically summarizes the message delivered in the original email, suggests different ways you can answer, and then generates the reply based on your instructions.

If you use any service other than Gmail or Outlook, you can click the extension icon from the toolbar, select the envelope icon, and use Addy AI for email writing. However, you'll need to manually paste the input and output.

Addy AI allows three free emails per day, with paid plans starting at $6.99 per month.

Download: Addy AI (Free, subscriptions available)

5. GMPlus

gmplus screenshot

GMPlus uses OpenAI's GPT model to help you write emails. Perhaps the best thing about it is the library of 50+ pre-made prompts for various types of emails.

So you can just select whether you want to write an email for giving feedback or accepting a meeting invite and let GMPlus handle the rest. However, you can still add custom prompts, select tone and language, and specify the length of the email if you wish.

The free plan has a limit of five queries per day. So, you'll have to pay $9.90 for the increased limit. However, if you are willing to spend $16.90 per month, you can get access to the GPT-4 model as well.

Download: GMPlus (Free, subscriptions available)

6. Sendr AI

Sendr AI screenshot

If you're looking for a no-fuss extension that helps you write emails using GPT, try Sendr AI. The Chrome add-on works with Gmail, adding a new button beside Send. When you click it, the tool asks you to write the "essence of the email".

It then automatically converts it into a proper, professional email and also adds the subject to the subject line. When replying to an email, Sendr AI asks for permission to use the last email in the thread to generate a contextual reply.

Sendr AI allows you to compose 1000 free emails per month, which in most cases would be enough. But if you need more, you'll have to ask the Sendr AI team for a quote.

Download: Sendr AI (Free, subscriptions available)

7. Help me write by Google Workspace Labs

google help me write screenshot

Though not available as a separate tool, Help me write is one of the features of Gmail you can use by signing up for Google Workspace Labs.

Once you've signed up for Gmail's Help me write, you'll see a pen icon beside the formatting options. Clicking on it shows the Help me write buttons. Here, you can enter the prompt for writing the email.

If you prefer writing the first draft yourself, you can use the formalize, shorten, or expand options to fine-tune your draft. Likewise, there's an I'm Feeling Lucky mode that adds creative details, like converting your email message into a poem.

If you use Gmail and prefer not to install another extension to your browser, enabling this feature is perhaps your best bet.

Use AI to Write Difficult Emails

Whether you hate writing emails or prefer to spend your time on more productive tasks, these tools can come in handy. They are simple, easy to use, and work within your email web client.

However, since these tools are based on pre-set prompts and templates, you have few customization options. So if you like to have more control over how your emails sound, perhaps it's best to use ChatGPT itself for writing emails. It'll take a few extra minutes, but with the right process and prompts, you can draft a perfect email for free.