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5 Funky Music Discovery Apps to Find New Songs to Listen To

Find songs you wouldn't come across otherwise with these music discovery and recommendation apps.

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How Developers Feel AI Will Impact Their Workflow

AI has significantly influenced numerous professions, and developers are no exception. But what are developers' thoughts on this technology?

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service vs. systemctl in Linux: What Are the Differences?

If you want to know more about init systems, it's important to first understand the systemctl and service commands and their underlying differences.

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How to Fix the "Repairing Disk Errors" Issue on Windows

Usually this error only appears once, but what if it keeps coming back? Here's how to fix it.

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Microsoft Teams vs. Google Chat: Which Is the Best Platform for Team Collaboration?

Microsoft Teams and Google Chat are two of the most popular collaboration tools. But which one's best for your team?

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7 AI Tools That Help You Write Emails

Struggling to word the perfect email? Generative AI can help you figure out what to say. These AI tools can help you write emails.

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How to Use the CONCATENATE and CONCAT Functions to Join Text in Excel

Do you need to combine text strings in Excel? Learn how to use the CONCATENATE and CONCAT functions in this quick guide.

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How to Compress a Video and Reduce the File Size

Need to compress a video? Here's how you reduce your video size on any operating system.

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The Best Programming Languages to Use With the Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi single-board computer is ideal for learning to program on, but which language should you choose?

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How to Fix the “Following Components Are Required” Error on Windows 10 & 11

This error message often plagues PC gamers trying to boot up their favorite game. Get rid of this annoyance and get back into the game with our guide.

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Is Threads Safe? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Meta, owner of Facebook and Instagram, doesn't have a great track record when it comes to privacy, so is Threads private and secure enough to use?

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How to Implement Smooth Scrolling in JavaScript: A Guide for Web Developers

Make your same-page links slightly nicer to use with this native smooth-scrolling effect.

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How to Back Up Your Steam Screenshots

In this article you'll learn how to properly back up your Steam screenshots both to the cloud and locally on your computer.

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How to Eliminate Paper Clutter and Organize Your Life Digitally

Tired of looking for important documents? Learn how to digitize your papers and organize your life digitally.

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The 4 Best Sites for Learning Impressive Magic Tricks

Start with the basics of magic on these beginner-friendly websites that will teach you card tricks and sleight of hand.

Python logo with the words instance, static, and class imposed on a laptop background 1
Instance vs. Static vs. Class Methods in Python: The Important Differences

Python method types can be confusing for beginners. This quick guide will help you understand the differences and when to use each one.

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The 10 Coolest Easter Eggs In Tesla EVs

Teslas aren't only good EVs, but they are also built with a deeply embedded sense of humor.

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How to Use Instagram Insights to Understand Your Audience Better

Instagram's analytics feature can help you understand what content resonates with your audience the most.

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How to Protect Yourself From These 8 Social Engineering Attacks

What social engineering techniques would a hacker use and how would you protect yourself from them? Let's take a look at some of the most common methods of attack.

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The App Store Is Missing a Wish List: Here Are 3 Apps to Use Instead

Apple's App Store does not have a wish list feature anymore, but these built-in iPhone apps serve as a workaround.